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Rodents Stop is an independent, family-owned, and local rodent clean-up and control company in Los Angeles. We proudly service all of the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area focusing on helping residents live in a rat and mice-free environment. Our services include rodent control, pest prevention, rodent removal, and clean-up, attic cleaning, attic decontamination, and rodent proofing for your Los Angeles home. Our service to properly seal off your Los Angeles home of any rodents is 100% guaranteed for life! Our friendly staff is ready to serve in order to help you permanently solve your rodent issue once and for all. Let Rodents Stop of Los Angeles do the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

Quickly Fix Rodent Problems In Los Angeles

No matter where you may live in Los Angeles County, one thing that is quite common, rodents are everywhere! There is also quite a large area of diversity in this quite expansive area, but one common thread is the fact that rodents are often a normal household nuisance and in recent times the situation with rodents is getting worse due to their aggressiveness and population growth in the areas where rodents weren’t as commonly seen. This is never a fun problem to have to deal with. One sure way to help you solve your issue is to pick up your phone and call your Los Angeles rodent control specialist. We will be able to help rid your home of these vermin and get you back to living in a healthy and safe living environment. All initial estimates for our services are provided free of charge. Our rodent control solution is backed by alifetime rodent-free guarantee – the best in the business!

Mice Can Be Troublesome, But Rats Are Much More Destructive for Your Los Angeles Home

Many people tend to immediately assume that they have mice problems in their home, but there is also a chance that they actually have rats infested in their home’s walls, in their attics, and around their home. Not being able to spot the difference right away about which rodent issue you may have can cause the prevention measures to be less effective.

Finding the correct rat control company in Los Angeles is the only chance that you have against a rat infestation in your home.
A licensed and insured Rodent Control Company, such as Rodents Stop, will be able to quickly tell what type of rodent you are dealing with and what we recommend the appropriate solution for your needs are. Not only does this help with your current problem, but you will be able to better seal your home against this sort of pest invasions in the future.

If You Have Mice, Then You Are Dealing With An Almost Invisible Pest

Mice are considered a much harder pest to deal with because they are able to fit through incredibly small cracks in your home, meaning that they cannot only get into more places, but they are also able to quickly move around your house with ease to cause problems.

When working with reputable Los Angeles mice exterminator and mice cleanup company, you’ll be able to diagnose the problem much faster and seal up even the smallest cracks in your home in a way where no mice will be able to get in your home. Rodents Stop specializes in getting rid of your mice problem for good, making your home mice proof with our 100% lifetime guarantee. If you have mice, look no further than Rodents Stop.

The First Step Of An Extermination Project Begins In Your Storage Space

Your Los Angeles home is open to many mice when it comes to your attic. An attic is a perfect place for rodents to hide. Some people use their attic to store belongings giving mice the opportunity to turn the space into a nesting area where mice can easily bread. Since people rarely go into their attic spaces where mice can crawl, this problem is usually never been seen until it’s too late and mice already have spread through the home. This means that rodents are able to easily live there for months or years without being found.
When you have a rodent problem, your attic or storage space needs to be the first place you visit. Choosing a professional attic cleanup Los Angeles service is a good way to diagnose a problem in your storage space and get rid of it before it spreads to the rest of your home.

Subtle Signs You Need Rodent Control Services

1. Droppings - These scavengers will often leave their leavings near or around their food source. Check in the back of your cupboards or in your pantry. Rat urine has a noticeable smell as these pests have notoriously weak bladders so give us our rodent control team a call should you suspect anything.

2. Holes in your screens or trash bags - As the winter months drag on, these animals will become increasingly desperate for food as they get hungrier and hungrier. They'll chew through whatever they can, so look out for any new holes that lead to a food source.

3. Noises at night or sightings during the day - As they scavenge during the night time, you might hear them scurrying about, but if you see them during the day, call in our Los Angeles rodent control exterminators as it means they're nesting near by.

4. Signs of a nest - Rodents like to hole up in small encapsulated spaces usually with a little bit of cotton or fabrics to provide decent cushioning. It's a good idea to check your walls or cabinets for any holes that cold harbor these animals.

5. Footprints - Rats have footprints that can be about an inch long, while mouse prints are usually a quarter inch or so. Rats can also leave tail marks should they be in the vicinity.

Your Homes Air Cleanliness Is Affected By A Rodent Presence

While you may find out that you have a rodent problem because of the mess that they leave behind, it is often the air quality that makes you suffer the most. A rodent control clean-up company will be able to tell you how bad your indoor air quality has been affected by the mice or rat infestation, and their indoor clean air assessment will help you determine how widespread your infestation is. This is where a professional company such as Rodents Stop comes in to help remedy the problem. When performing a rodent and mice clean-up job, we inspect the attic to see the damage caused and offer our solution. Whether it’s replacing the insulation or decontaminating the area, we’ll offer a solution knowing it will be helpful due to the hazard rodents have caused.

When working with Rodents Stop, your working with one of the best Los Angeles rodent control companies available in the industry.

If you have a problem with rodents in your home or you want to make sure that your home is protected from an infestation in the future contact our Los Angeles rodent control experts today.

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