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Expert Rodent Control Simi Valley

Rodents Stop is an independent, family-owned, and local rodent clean-up and control company serving the Simi Valley area. We proudly service parts of Ventura County focusing on helping residents live in a rat and mice-free environment. If you had a recent rodent infestation or your continually experiencing rodents in your home yet you can’t find a solution, then Rodents Stop is here to serve! Our services include rodent control, rodent prevention, rodent removal, attic clean-up, attic cleaning, and attic decontamination. Our friendly staff is ready to serve Simi Valley homeowners in order to help them permanently solve their rodent issue for life, guaranteed. Let us do the dirty work and give you peace of mind of living in a rodent-free environment.

Best Rodent Control in Simi Valley

You can experience some beautiful views if you live in Simi Valley. You are close to nature and it is just a short distance away to go to the mountains for a hike. With all that nature at your fingertips, it also can cause some harm with ease of access to pests and rodents invading your property and living space. It is crucial that you take all the necessary precautions to avoid a rodent infestation prior to having them get in and cause significant damage to your home, health, and a variety of other issues rodents cause. If you are already seeing signs of rodents in or around your property it is not too late you can call a Simi Valley rodent control specialist today. Our company will be sure to keep your home rodent-free guaranteed for life! This is why Rodents Stop is the best-rated rodent control company serving Simi Valley residents for their rodent problems. Even if you’ve worked with a company and are under a maintenance program yet still can find a final solution to your rodent problem, Rodents Stop can help! This means no more monthly pest control visits or programs that cost a bunch of money yet produce no results! This is why Rodents Stop was created – to assist homeowners with a one-time solution to solve their rodent problems for life.

Rat Exterminator Simi Valley

If you have lived in Simi Valley for any length of time, we’re sure you are familiar with the beauty of nature. Simi Valley can also come with the hassle of pests such as nasty rats. This is sad but true. Here at Rodents Stop, we have helped thousands of customers around the Simi Valley area secure their homes and completely solve their rodent problems for life. Our Simi Valley rat exterminators will come to your home and give you a complete inspection to find the source of the problem. We will then implement all of the proper steps including trapping, sealing, clean up, and sanitation in order to solve your rat problem once and for all.

Tiny Mice Lead to Big Problems

If you have mice it is best to call in the experts as mice have a tendency to take over quickly and begin their reproductive cycles extremely quickly causing your problem to spiral out of control. At Rodents Stop, our Simi Valley mice exterminators know that mice can be a mess to clean up, but are ready to take on the task. We will locate all of the entry points in and around your home and take care of not only the large holes and cracks but also seal off the tiniest entry points you can’t imagine! As mice can sneak through a hole just the size of a dime, it’s important we inspect the property to see where mice can easily invade your living space and seal those points off. Call our mice exterminators now serving Simi Valley before you have a larger problem.

Attic Cleanup Simi Valley

Attic clean up is never a task that anyone finds they want to add to their hobby lists, but we understand it has to be done and that is why we are here to help. Often times people will find rats or mice have entered into their home and have made their attics their own personal playgrounds. This leaves behind a lot of nasty things included dead carcasses, rat urine, rat feces and other harmful bacteria. We can come to your home and do the dirty work for you with one of our Simi Valley attic cleanup specialists.

Have you ever thought about how clean the air was inside your home?

Oftentimes people never think about how clean the air is inside their home that they breathe. This is especially a shame if they have ever had a rodent problem because often time they could be breathing in harmful bacteria daily without even realizing it. Our indoor clean air specialists in Simi Valley will help you breathe easier. We are able to come out and take a measurement of the air quality in your home and let you know if you have any potential threats. If when you turn on your air conditioning system you notice your allergies beginning to act up, give us a call and we will come out and see if we have a solution that can help.

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    I now enjoy the peace of quiet and confident sleep.

    “When I called Rodent Stop I was desperate. When Rodent Stop arrived they were so professional. They even helped me clear some spaces they needed clear.”

    - Adam T.
    Eliminated the mice in one session of traps!

    “I have been here for 4 years without a single recurrence. I recommend them highly.”

    - John M.
    I have peace of mind now. Thank you!!!!

    “It's been about 2 weeks since the initial remediation and zero activity has been found. Very pleased with the main office and the workers.”

    - Lydia F.
    Extremely happy with the service!

    “The technicians are very good in exterminating our rat issue.”

    - Gregory T.
    If I could give a better rating I would.

    “This company is worth EVERY PENNY spent! They are professional and they know what they are doing.”

    - Luanne M.

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