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What Are the Prep Steps for Rodent Control Service?

Does your home or business have a rodent problem? The best way to get a rodent problem under control, safely and effectively, is to let rodent control specialists handle it. Remember, many DIY rodent control methods simply do not work. After you have made a call to Rodents Stop, there are a few prep-steps you […]

What Do Rats in the Attic Sound Like?

Do you want to know if the sound coming from your attic is that of a rat? Before we talk about the ‘sounds,’ it is important to first discuss the basic question – What Do Rats Do in Your Attic? Rodents such as rats and mice have sharp teeth that never stop growing. So, how […]

The Dangers of Rodents in the Attic

When the mercury drops, the food becomes scarce and the chill in the air becomes unbearable. During this time, your home can appear like the perfect destination for rats or mice searching for food, water, and warmth. Mice and rats are nasty little creatures that look harmless but can pose several serious threats, should they […]

7 Things You Might Not Know Attract Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are more than just a nuisance. They can chew away irreplaceable heirlooms, nibble on food packets, contaminate food/water sources, cause costly damages, and spread diseases. But, rats and mice do not raid just any building. Here are the top seven things you didn’t know attracts rats and mice: 1. Vegetation Tall weeds, […]

The Difference Between Rats and Mice: Why It Matters

Rats and mice do not just look different. They are quite a few other differences between rats and mice. When tackling an infestation, your efforts will deliver the best results if you understand each of these creatures well. Roof rats prefer nesting and living high up in a building. So, rat traps placed under storage […]

7 Foods that Invite Rats and Mice to Your Home


Rats and mice are the most adaptable among all rodents in terms of their habitats and dietary styles. They can eat just about anything humans eat and coexist with humans in different environments.  This is largely the reason why rats and mice have continually been a nuisance to people all over the world. If you […]

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