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Why Homeowners Should Avoid Using Rat Poison

We do not want rats and mice in our homes. These nasty creatures have a bad reputation – and for a good reason. They can cause significant damage to a property, family heirlooms, etc. and spread diseases by either directly contaminating food and water sources or through their urine and droppings. Homeowners want to and […]

Rats in Los Angeles are becoming an Epidemic

The City of Angeles is the new ‘City of Rats.’ According to some news reports, Los Angeles has been ranked the 2nd most ‘rattiest city’ in the United States, surpassing New York, Washington DC, and Oakland (San Francisco) with only Chicago ahead of it. Should it worry homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles? It should […]

Why Pre-Purchase Rodent Inspection is a Must for All Buyers

A pre-purchase rodent inspection will give you complete peace of mind, reduce risks, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Just as you would consider a standard building inspection report before you make up your mind on whether you should invest in a property, you should also know beforehand if a […]

Rats and Mice: The Damage they Cause

Rats and mice cause more damage than most people can imagine. Here in this post, we will briefly discuss the potential damages that rats and mice can cause once they gain access to your home. Rats and Mice Can Damage Irreplaceable Items Artwork, old photographs, personal diaries, and family heirlooms – these are some examples […]

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Attic?


Attics aren’t frequented by humans or pets and rodents such as rats and mice like to nest in secluded places. Therefore, besides your basement and garage, the attic is likely to be high on the hit list of rodents searching for food, water, and warm shelter. Once in your attic, rats and mice tunnel through […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use DIY Methods For Catching Mice and Rats

We live in a time where we can find solutions on the internet for just about anything. If you notice you might have mice or rats in your home, you will probably find countless DIY methods for controlling the rodent problem on your own. Although, it has been proven that these DIY methods are often […]

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