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Why Your Home is at a Higher risk for Rodents During Summer

Everyone enjoys summertime. It’s time for fun weekends and barbeques. As it turns out, rodents actually love summertime also! You might have thought rodents are more of a fall pest but they don’t necessarily take the summer off from causing trouble. They still need to find food and shelter from the summer heat. If your […]

Top 10 List of Rattiest Cities – Highest Rat Infested | Los Angeles is Next.

Don’t let your rat infestation make the news, call Rodents Stop and control the rat problem now. Los Angeles is the new “City of Rats” Recent reports show an alarming increase in rodent infestations. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a public health emergency because of the sudden increase in the rat population in Los Angeles. […]

How To Determine If There is a Rodent Infestation In The House

Signs of Rodents In Your Home Giveaway Signs of Rats and Mice include: Rodent Droppings Urine Odor Holes that have been chewed through Skuff marks, Gnaw marks Rodent runway path Rodent Nests Scampering sounds Unusual behavior from pets Rodents are considered to be one of the most dangerous pests for homeowners. There are many reasons […]

Dangers of Having Mice or Rats in Your House

Important Information You Need To Know To Protect Your Home and Family From The Dangers of Rodents! As the residential population increases, the number of homes increases also. This is good news for mice and rats since they usually seek a safe shelter space in your new home! Rodents Stop will help you regain ownership [...]

Rodents – Three Things They Love About Your House

Mickey Mouse sure can be cute and cuddly when visiting with him at Disney World. But in the real world, mice aren’t all that fun to be around. In addition to the considerable amount of diseases that they carry, they can be quite destructive. Every year, hundreds of car owners make their way to service […]

Rodents and the Health Risks They Pose

Television and Disney often glamourize rodents, personifying them, and giving them a magical quality that is all their own, and not quite aligned with reality. Stuart Little is a charming little mouse that gets into mischief of his own and even learns to drive a magical matchbox car. And of course, Cinderella’s magical mice become […]

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