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Kick House Mice Out in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange & Ventura Counties

Perhaps the most common type of mouse found in homes across the United States, if not the world, the house mouse is actually Central Asian in origin. But while these mice are extremely common, that does not make them any less of a nuisance, or take away from the potential threats they pose to your property. House mice breed rapidly, quickly adapt to changes, and females can give birth to up to 35 infants per year—all of which means it is extremely important to act quickly if you are dealing with a house mice infestation in your house.

At Rodents Stop, we proudly offer house mice control in Los Angeles as well as San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Ventura Counties. Backed by a decade of experience, our team offers patented solutions to deal with rodent problems of all shapes and sizes. Our signature spray not only neutralizes odors, but eliminates pheromones, so house mice and other rodents stay away in the long term. We also provide our entrapment kit, and all of our solutions are non-toxic and safe for pets, children, and the rest of your family. We strive to deliver fast, efficient service on every single job, and with free, in-person estimates for anyone who wants one, it never hurts to call our licensed, bonded, and insured experts at Rodents Stop.

Do I Need House Mouse Extermination in Los Angeles?

House mice are roughly two to three inches long with dusty gray fur, though their coloring can vary from light brown to dark gray depending on what region you live in. You will also be able to recognize them by their cream-colored bellies. Their bodies are round and their muzzles are pointed, with ears that are large and somewhat hairy. They have long tails as well, generally over two inches, though some house mice have tails closer to four inches in length.

House mice have a preference for eating seeds and grains, though they may also eat fruit and nuts in some cases. Once house mice get inside your home, however, they will happily eat almost any human food, so it is important to properly clean up and store leftovers in tightly sealed containers. You should also make sure there is a strong lid on your trash bin, and try to clean up crumbs and spills as much as possible. Beyond that, the best way to keep house mice out of your property is to seal up cracks and holes, as these rodents can crawl through openings roughly the size of a penny.

You may be dealing with a house mice infestation in Los Angeles if you notice:
  • Gnaw Marks: House mice are constantly chewing on things, so watch out for bite marks on wood or other types of furniture. And speaking of biting…
  • Electrical Problems: Another thing mice like to chew on is electrical wiring, so pay attention to any electrical problems your property is experiencing.
  • Droppings: House mouse droppings can be soft and moist or dry and hard. Typically they measure about 1/8-1/4 of an inch in length and are rod-shaped with pointed ends.
  • Tracks: House mice have four-toed front feet and five-toed hind feet that may leave track prints around your home.
  • Rub Marks: Mice collect a lot of dirt as they travel around, which is why they often leave oily rub marks on floors and walls.
  • Burrows/Nests: House mice like to burrow into places that are dark and secluded, such as your attic, where they will often use insulation for nesting.
  • Runways: House mice tend to consistently travel along the same pathways. Sometimes, these “runways” are visible, with rub marks, droppings, and footprints following the same trail.
  • Odor: The odor of house mouse urine can be quite distinct, especially if you are dealing with a large infestation, as mice use their urine to communicate with one another. Watch out for a strong, ammonia-like scent in particular parts of your house, and call for pest control ASAP if you believe you smell mouse urine, as you do not want to live in these unsanitary conditions.
  • Damaged Property: From torn cereal boxes to chewed-on stuffing, house mice tend to create property damage wherever they go.
  • Rodent Sightings: If you notice a live mouse scurrying across your kitchen floor, chances are there are more where that came from. Therefore, anytime you see a live or dead house mouse in your property, it is a good idea to call an experienced pest professional.

Take Care of House Mice in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura & LA County Today

At Rodents Stop, we make it a priority to offer affordable services for every homeowner. As a family-owned and operated business, we care about improving our community, and may be able to provide several financing options so you can get the services you need. We will never try to sell you on an unnecessary maintenance plan, and we are available seven days a week for support—seriously, feel free to call us 24/7! We guarantee lifetime satisfaction on every service, so if you are dealing with a house mice infestation or another kind of rodent problem, do not hesitate to give us a call today.


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