• I now enjoy the peace of quiet and confident sleep.
    When I called Rodent Stop I was desperate. When Rodent Stop arrived they were so professional. They even helped me clear some spaces they needed clear. I now enjoy the peace of quiet and confident sleep.

    - Adam T.

  • Eliminated the mice in one session of traps!
    When I purchased an older home the owner had paid several thousand dollars for rodent control but I still had mice on moving in. Rodents stop came in and thoroughly closed all entry points in the crawl space and attic and then eliminated the mice in one session of traps. I have been here for 4 years without a single recurrence. I recommend them highly.

    - John M.

  • I have peace of mind now. Thank you!!!!
    I recently discovered I had a rodent problem in my attic during a home inspection. I immediately contacted Rodent Stop based on reviews. They came out immediately, explained what the plan was after inspecting my attic and came out the next day. They spent the entire day cleaning, sanitizing, sealing all potential entry points and remediating. It's been about 2 weeks since the initial remediation and zero activity has been found. Very pleased with the main office and the workers. I have peace of mind now. Thank you!!!!

    - Lydia F.

  • Extremely happy with the service!
    I was extremely happy with the service I received from Rodent Stop. The technicians are very good in exterminating our rat issue.

    - Gregory T.

  • If I could give a better rating I would.
    This company is worth EVERY PENNY spent! They are professional and they know what they are doing. If I could give a better rating I would. Don't waste your time or money going to anyone else.

    - Luanne M.

  • Attentive, punctual, and knowledgeable.
    A very good company. Attentive, punctual, and knowledgeable. They killed a rat on the first visit and they're coming back for a second in two weeks.
    And they wear a mask. I am pleased with Rodent Stop service.

    - Donald T.

  • Rodents Stop has exceeded our expectations.
    Rodents Stop has exceeded our expectations when we hired them back in March to resolve a rat/mice issue. They continue to return to our home every 2-3 weeks as they promised in their contract they would do until our problem is eradicated. It's a process and the Rodents stop guys are always reliable, thorough and informative. It's just a difficult problem to eradicate, especially when neighbors have a similar issue but haven't hired professional help like we did.

    - Ivy K.

  • I would recommend Rodents Stop to anyone
    Bottom line, we had a rat problem. After Rodents Stop, we don't have a rat problem and it's been almost two years. They were not inexpensive, but they were very thorough and the results speak for themselves. I would recommend Rodents Stop to anyone

    - Robert F.

  • I am happy to continue to refer them.
    This is my second time giving a review. Only once we have seen a rat about a month after they came out. As they promised, I called Rodent Stop and let them know and within 48 hours they were back at the house. Checked everything, including the attic and basement, set some new traps. Nothing since then. Rodent Stop keeps their word on their guarantee. That is most important. I am happy to continue to refer them.

    - Michael C.

  • Best place ever!!
    Best place ever - bought the unlimited and they come out every year or when I call. Their employees are great. Their service is great I really never have a problem but they come to check anyway.

    - Lucy M.

  • Since then I have been rat free!
    I had a major rat problem. I tried everything to try and get rid of them with no luck. They kept finding ways to get into my attic. I called Rodent Stop and I was amazed at their quick response and they're concern for my problem. Turns out I had a family of rats living in my attic. They got rid of the rats, closed up all the holes that they could possibly get into. They set extra traps and came back immediately if I had any other problems. Since then I have been rat free! They also sanitized the attic and changed the insulation. It was a big job but they worked with me on the payments and I was able to afford it. I highly recommend this company.

    - Angela S.

  • Rodent stop is an excellent choice!
    Rodent stop is an excellent choice for prevention or problem solving. We have used them for years. They respond quickly and they address individual problems. Highly recommend.

    - Deirdre D.

  • Lifetime guarantee. Worth the cost.
    Lifetime guarantee. Worth the cost. This company is meticulous in their care of our home. They come in a timely manner when you call and have a problem and they always solve it.

    - Mary C.

  • They did an incredibly thorough job!
    We have had many companies come out to our house to rodent proof it. So far so good. They did an incredibly thorough job. Found holes that we were not aware of and that other companies did not seal. We are also big fans of the lifetime guarantee. Just knowing that, if needed, they will come back and take are of it.

    - Kate A.

  • Very responsive, hard-working guys.
    I was very happy with their professional work. They came back 3-4 times after sealing up the home to check for rodents. We haven't had any issue since then. Very responsive, hard-working guys. About 1/3 of the cost of the other companies we got quotes from.

    - Joey B.

  • They did an excellent job from start to finish!
    I used Rodents Stop to replace my old attic insulation and to seal and rodent proof. They did an excellent job from start to finish. The lifetime guarantee was the biggest selling point for me because now if I ever have an issue again, I can just call them and they’ll handle it without further expense to me. The workers were cautious and cleanly and took care each day to make sure my home was clean before they signed off for the day. I would definitely highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to rodent proof their home. Don’t waste your time and money on an exterminator who wants you to have a rodent problem so they have a job.

    - Heather P.

  • I could go on forever but suffice it to say... perfect!
    I could go on forever but suffice it to say... perfect. They came in haz-mat suits, got under the house, wire-screened every possible mouse-entry to our house and put rat poison everywhere that mattered. They remove dead rodents and after all that they did, we have never worried again. If there is ever another problem, it’s guaranteed for as long as you own the house.

    - Joan D.

  • By far.......exceeded our expectations!
    By far.......exceeded our expectations. They pulled out all of our rat waste soiled insulation, vacuumed all areas to remove all toxins the rats left behind, sanitized the entire area, sealed all potential access points thoroughly and professionally, and then set traps to ensure all rodents were gone and weren't getting back in. I would not go to anyone else. Even an HVAC contractor who sees these kind of issues all the time was thoroughly impressed with their attention to detail and workmanship of the access point sealing they performed.

    - William N.

  • The lifetime coverage has been great
    Very happy with Rodent Stop. They have always done great professional work and the lifetime coverage has been great, and professionally delivered.

    - Thomas G.

  • Highly recommend their services!!

    Very Pleased and satisfied for their services.
    We had a big rodent infestation in our attic and roof, Rodent stop did a complete cleanup including removal and replacement of the insulation
    We have had a recurrence of some mice trappings after 5-6 months
    Rodent stop was very prompt to respond and again very promptly took care of the problem
    Highly recommend their services

    - Abdul S.