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Home Decontamination Service Calabasas

Known for its beautiful homes and parks, Calabasas is an incredible place to live. Keeping your home clean and looking great can sometimes be a challenge, especially when rodents make even the simplest cleaning tasks immensely difficult. Rodents can cause a number of problems that cannot quickly be solved by setting mousetraps and waiting. You need a capable company that specializes in Rodent Control Calabasas. A skilled rodent control specialist will be able to properly diagnose your rodent problem and then recommend the proper steps to fix it, acting as an entire home decontamination service Calabasas for you.

Rat Exterminator Calabasas

Having a Calabasas pest control problem is an interesting issue. Many people (and even some rodent control companies) have trouble distinguishing between rats and mice, which can immediately cause a problem for you. The main problem is that rats need different tools to remove from your home, so if you do not get the proper equipment you can cause problems for yourself down the line. At Rodents Stop, we are a leading rat exterminator Calabasas, with years of experience clearing rats out of many homes in the area. After assessing the problem, we will recommend a solution that will keep them out of your home for good, and we back up each of our solutions with a five-year guarantee.

Mice Exterminators Calabasas

Mice are a more common rodent problem, but an annoying one at that. Many mice exterminators Calabasas focus on getting rid of the mice, only to have them come back a few weeks or months later. Our rodent proofing Calabasas team makes sure that not only are rodents removed from your home but also that even the smallest cracks in your home are sealed up, ensuring that they do not get back in after we leave.

Attic Cleanup Calabasas

Storage spaces are a hotspot for rodents because they are lightly trafficked and have plenty of hiding spots for them to spend time in. This is why they are a great place for rodents to hide and set up nests, requiring that proper attic mice removal Calabasas are taken. Our attic cleanup Calabasas team will get into your storage spaces and remove rodents from them, including all traces that they leave behind. We will provide rodent clean up Calabasas services to clear up your attic or storage space, but we will also help you keep your home cleaner because the germs that rodents leave behind will not be floating through your air.

Indoor Clean Air Calabasas

Did you know that rodents can affect your air quality, even making you sick? If this is something that concerns you, then you need to make sure that you have your rodent problem handled permanently. Missing work because of a rodent problem is unacceptable, which is why we focus on creating indoor clean air Calabasas so that you stay healthy and happy while in your home. Our team is the first line of defense for you and your family when it comes to ensuring a clean home.

Are you ready to work with the premier rodent infestation clean up Calabasas team? Contact us today and find out how we can help you solve your problem for good, with a five-year guarantee to back up our work.


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“My nightmare is finally over thanks to Rodent Stop! Beyond pleased with the work they did. Rats chewed up everything that they could find in my basement and that was beyond annoying. I was really scared that the situation would get worse. I contacted them and asked to visit my Calabasas home. They visited 3 times including the initial consultation and solved the issue. One thing I appreciate is how caring the staff is. Thanks for solving my problem guys!”


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