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Located north of downtown Los Angeles, Encino is an affluent neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. It has many great little shops and restaurants to explore and is called home by many notable people. Encino is also home to both Los Encinos State Historic Park and Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area. Unfortunately it is also a place where many rodents decide to call home and we hope they have not chosen that place to be in your attic. If they have and you are looking for specialists in rodent control Encino, call the experts here at Rodents Stop to come in and solve your problem.

Rat Exterminator Encino

Rats can be a big problem if detected in people’s homes. Not only can they be a big problem, but rats themselves when full grown can weigh over 1 lb.  If you are like most people you whence at the sign of having to share your home, kitchen, pantry and other areas of your home with these dirty pests. Our rodent control Encino rat exterminators will come into your home and assess the problem while taking all the necessary steps to completely eradicate your problem once and for all. We will do a full inspection and then catch and remove any rats currently inhabiting your home, do a full seal up of any and all entry points, completely clean your home of any mess or contamination left behind and lastly wish you an enjoyable time in your new rat free residence.

Mice Exterminator Encino

If you have spotted signs of a mouse in your house, its very likely that there are hundreds more nearby. Mice do not live alone so you can count on the fact that their close friends and family have also made your home their home too! Both mice and rats are known to be the host of over 34 harmful diseases and forms of bacteria which they can spread to humans. This may sound frightful, but no need to fear as your trusty mice exterminator Encino team here at Rodents Stop can come in and end the battle once and for all. Dealing with mice can be a real pain, but our experience will ensure that we are able to permanently clear up the mice infestation in your home through a combination of baiting, mouse proofing, decontaminating and clean up.

Attic Cleanup Encino

Rodents have the ability to live just about anywhere, which makes them a common pest on nearly every continent. They also can survive on just about anything regardless of if that is trash or even other rats. When rats infest your attic they will often excrement all over the place and some will eventually die leaving behind dead carcasses that other rats sometimes fest upon. This may leave behind one very unfriendly mess to have to clean up. If you need an attic cleanup service in Encino make Rodents Stop your first call as our team members are well versed in this area. We will remove all of the debris and contaminants left behind by your rodent problem and sanitize your home so to remove any odors left behind and keep your home pest free for years to come.

Having a Rodent Problem Can Also Affect Your Indoor Air

Rodents do not just leave behind a physical mess, but also a mess that can adversely affect the quality of air in your home. If you have lived in the greater Los Angeles area for quite some time you may very well remember when there would be air quality warnings put out by the city advising you not to go outside. The scary thing about this is that the air inside of peoples homes may even be of a lower quality than the air outside if you have ever had a rodent infestation problem in the past. One step that can often be forgotten when solving your rat or mouse issue is going through and doing the correct sanitation and decontamination. The reason this is so important is that the feces and urine that these pest leave behind can release airborne toxins that can get into the air you breath and be circulated through your ventilation systems. If you have concerns that you may have harmful bacteria floating around inside of your home we encourage you to contact one of our indoor clean air Encino specialists who can help you determine your homes air quality. Rodent control Encino will take care of your rodent problems so you don’t have to!

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