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Rodents Stop is an independent, family owned and local rodent clean up and control company that provides Glendale residents rodent control services for over 12 years. We proudly service all of the Glendale area and the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area focusing on helping residents live in a rat and mice free environment. Rodents Stop offers all your rodent control and cleanup services including attic cleanup after infestation, rat cleanup including mice, rodent cleanup, rodent decontamination, debris cleanup, and insulation removal & replacement services. We have experienced all types of attic cleanup in homes and offices in Glendale, California.

If you have any of the following, you could have a serious Rodent Problem in Your Glendale Home.

-Attic or crawlspace noises
-Digging around the foundation
-Bad smells in walls or vents

Rodent Control Services by Rodents Stop in Glendale CA.

Our friendly staff is ready to serve in order to help you permanently solve your rodent issue. Let us do the dirty work, so you don’t have to. If you have a rodent problem in or around your home, call Rodents Stop the number one Rodent Control Company in Glendale for over 12 years.


Mice in Your Glendale Home?

House mice can crawl through cracks as small as a dime to get into your home. This makes them one of the most difficult rodents to remove! They love areas filled with clutter, such as your attic or basement since they think it’s an excellent hiding place to build nests.

House mice are sneaky and surprisingly smart, making them even more difficult to control. Their droppings will contaminate any food items and diseases can be easily transmitted if the infestation is not controlled immediately.

Choose First Class Rodent Control In Glendale

From shopping to skyscrapers, Glendale seemingly has it all. Not only is it a great place to live, but people come from all around to see the sights and take in the city. Living in this type of environment can result in a rodent infestation if you are not careful.
If you do find yourself with a rodent problem, the best course of action is to find a leading Glendale rodent control company. A reputable company will be able to stop the current problem and seal up your home to prevent infestations in the future.

Mice Can Be Troublesome, But Rats Are Much More Destructive

Many people tend to immediately assume that they have mice, but there is also a chance that they actually have rats. If you are not able to spot the difference, then any prevention measures that you take may not be effective. Finding rat exterminators in Glendale is the only chance that you have against a rat infestation.
A good exterminator will be able to quickly tell what type of animal you are dealing with and recommend the appropriate solution for your needs. Not only does this help with your current problem, but you will be able to better seal your home against pest invasions in the future.

If You Have Mice, Then You Are Dealing With An Almost Invisible Pest

Mice are considered a much harder pest to deal with because they are able to fit through incredibly small cracks in your home, meaning that they can not only get into more places, but they are also able to quickly move around your house with ease.
Working with reputable Glendale mice exterminators, you can quickly diagnose the problem and seal up even the smallest cracks in your home, so mice have no way of getting in.

The First Step Of An Extermination Project Begins In Your Storage Space

The attic is the perfect place for rodents to hide. Not only are there plenty of boxes and old furniture that can turn into nests, but many people rarely go into their storage spaces, which means that rodents are able to easily live there for months or years without being found.
When you have a rodent problem, your attic or storage space needs to be the first place that you visit. Choosing a professional attic cleanup Glendale service is a good way to diagnose a problem in your storage space and get rid of it before it spreads into the rest of your home.

Air Cleanliness Is Affected By A Rodent Presence

While you may find out that you have a rodent problem because of the mess that they leave behind, it is often the air quality that suffers first. An exterminator will be able to tell you how badly your indoor air quality has been affected by mice or rats, and their indoor clean air Glendale assessment will help you determine how widespread your infestation is.
Rodents Stop is the best Glendale rodent control company available. Call us today to ask about our services and get our Glendale team to your property to fix the rodent problem for good.

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