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Rodent Control Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills is a residential neighborhood in the Central LA region of the City of Los Angeles, California, and is considered an upscale neighborhood in the area. With all the hills surrounding Hollywood Hills comes rodents that can invade your property and living space. Unlike other companies which offer monthly or quarterly pest control services,  Rodents Stop provides a one-time solution to your rodent problem, guaranteed! First, to stop the rodent infestation of your Hollywood Hills home, the rodents must be controlled in the natural area (outside your home) to stop them from coming back inside your home. To achieve this, we seal off any areas which compromise the home’s ability to allow rodents to come inside. If you’ve experienced rodents on a continuous basis and can’t find the best solutions, then our Hollywood Hills rodent control specialists are here to solve your rodent problem GUARANTEED!

The Initial Steps for your Rat Control Service

First Service: Set Up Stations

  • Survey your property
  • Evaluate the situation and evaluate extry points
  • Set up exterior bait stations and traps

Second Service Visit: Interior Inspection

  • Refill and reposition bait
  • Inspect different areas for damage
  • Prepare an evaluation report for the homeowner
  • Recommend remedial actions to keep your home healthy. Services include
  • attic cleanup and insulation change.

Third Service Visit: Landscape Survey

  1. Refill and reposition bait stations
  2. Survey the landscape to see best possible solution and close any entry points to the home
  3. Recommend remedial actions.

Rat Prevention in Hollywood Hills

Make sure your property clean and clutter-free! Rats are fond of using trees, vines, and shrubs as ladders to access the upper levels of your home. Try eliminating weeds, unnecessary branches, prune trees, or any structure leading to the home or buildings on the property.

Don’t leave food outside. Don’t store pet food outside and never leave it outside in open dishes, especially overnight. Rats are attracted to nuts, such as those found in bird feeders so be sure to clean up the area around the bird feeders often. Pick up fallen fruit from the ground, Clean and cover your BBQ well so rats don’t find a place to nest or find leftovers as this is a common occurrence! Finally, keep your garbage cans lidded.


Control the Water. Rats find and stick to areas where they have a source of water. Do not leave any pools of water outside like pet water bowls. Fix any broken irrigation equipment

The Rat Maintenance Service stops rats from entering your property.

The rat maintenance service offered by Rodents Stop serves Hollywood Hills as an innovative rat service program specifically designed for controlling and exterminating rats in your area. Your service specialist will come as many times as it takes to eliminate the rats off your Hollywood Hills property. Ask about our lifetime guarantee policy!

Our Commitment to You As your Hollywood Hills Rodent Control Specialist

We stand by our rodent control service to our Hollywood Hills customers. Customer satisfaction is a priority as a family-owned business. We want to help and provide the best possible solution for every time for our customers so be sure to ask about our lifetime rodent control guarantee!

In addition to our rat control service, we also provide rat cleanup, sanitation, and exclusion services for your Hollywood Hills home.

Call Rodents Stop today for your free in-home evaluation and estimate.

Rodent Control Hollywood Hills

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Rodent Control Hollywood Hills
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“I just had to give these guys the 5 stars they deserve. We called in due to a rat problem we’ve had in our attic. They scheduled a manager to come to our house and he was super professional and gave us a bid on the spot. He was very knowledgeable, price was reasonable so we went for it. One of the best choices we’ve ever made. Our attic is completely clean now due to Rodents Stop, new insulation is in place, no more droppings and finally no more rats. Me and my wife are very thankful!”

Adam S.

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