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Expert Rodent Control Reseda

Rodents Stop is an independent, family owned and local rodent clean up and control company. We proudly service all of the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area focusing on helping residents live in a rat and mice free environment. Our services include rodent control, pest prevention, rodent removal and clean up, attic cleaning and attic decontamination. Our friendly staff is ready to serve in order to help you permanently solve your rodent issue. Let us do the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

When Rodents invade Reseda…

Living in the San Fernando Valley can be exciting, living so close to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but even in these urban parts, you can still run into problems with pests that you might have thought were no longer an issue in different environments, and you may require the help of specialists in rodent control Reseda. As your home is essentially your sanctuary, you should not stand for pest problems in your residence, and taking control over your home is very important to maintain hygiene and to keep your home a safe place from bacteria and contamination. Address your rodent problem before the infestation gets worse!

Rats outside your residence in Reseda

It is not uncommon to see rats outside, scurrying about, scavenging for food in dumpsters and trash bins, but when you see them right outside your home, you may be in the process of having your house infested with rats, which can be a very serious problem that may require the help of an exterminator to solve. If you suspect that rats may be entering your home, you need to check your home’s exterior for any entry holes they may be able to squeeze into (rats can squeeze into holes as small as a quarter) and patch them up. As rats reproduce very quickly, a few of these rodents in your home can quickly grow into a full-blown infestation.

Expect the unexpected Rodent problems, even in Reseda

You might not expect to deal with mice problems when you are living in Reseda, but this is still a common problem many homeowners in the San Fernando Valley experience. While they are generally a pest that feeds on grains, they will eat any human food and will make their way to invade your home and inhabit nests inside. Mice, being smaller than rats, can squeeze into even smaller openings and have an even quicker gestation period than rats, meaning that these pests will reproduce at incredibly fast rates. If you have seen rodent droppings or have heard mice scurrying through your home at night, you will want to contact your rodent control specialist.

Infestation in your attic

As attics are generally not commonly used, they are not furnished like the rest of our homes, and there are many openings through which rodents can travel around your home. Because of these reasons, attics are one of the more commonly infested areas of your home and will be highly contaminated with bacteria they carry as well as from their urine and feces and the carcasses of dead rodents. When you call the specialists from Rodents Stop, we will do the dirty work for you and get your attic cleaned up and decontaminated.

Post-Infestation clean up in your residence in Reseda

When you have a rodent problem in your home, you not only deal with the nuisance of hearing these pests run about in your home and getting into your food supply, you also have to deal with the contamination from bacteria they bring with them into your home. Exposure to contamination from rodents can cause health problems and sickness, as the bacteria that come from these pests contaminate the air quality. Call the rodent control specialists from Rodents Stop to have your home sterilized and made safe for living.



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“By far the best company. I was lucky to find them online. Called them and we set up a consultation. After detecting the problem they came back the next day and started to work. They cleaned my attic, removed insulation and put in new insulation. They also sealed the area around the attic access from the rest of the house to ensure no one gets affected by the waste. They sealed all the open area in the attic to stop rats from coming in. I was very pleased with the results. This company goes out and beyond to keep you satisfied. Choosing them will definitely be the right choice.”

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