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No one’s idea of fun includes dealing with a rodent infestation. So don’t! At Rodents Stop, we offer rodent control in Riverside to get rid of any rats, mice, or other unwanted rodent guests quickly and naturally. Our cutting-edge, patented spray neutralizes odor while removing pheromones, so rodents are not tempted to return to the scene of an infestation in the future. And if spraying is not what you’re looking for, we can also provide you with our industry-leading entrapment kit. We promise that all of our solutions are poison-free, pet-friendly, and safe for everyone on your property. But don’t take our word for it—check out our reviews to see what a great reputation Rodents Stop has for yourself. We promise, our Riverside rodents experts are here to go above and beyond to help stop your rodent problem ASAP. Contact us today, and schedule a free in-person estimate to get started.

Rodent Control Services in Riverside for a Range of Needs

If you have ever been through a rodent infestation, you already know what a trying experience it can be. That’s why our experts at Rodents Stop offer services designed to rid your home of rodents ASAP. Whether you’re dealing with a major problem or a minor inconvenience, we’ll go above and beyond to get rid of every single rodent on your property. Our technicians can provide a range of treatment, removal, exclusion, extermination, and cleanup techniques tailored to fit households big and small. Plus we will never try to upsell you on a maintenance package you don’t need, and our prices are upfront and honest. We promise, with Rodents Stop, what you see is what you get.

Call our Riverside rodent control team today for:

  • Norway Ray Control: The Norway rat is a large brown rodent found in multiple parts of North America. These rats are not particularly agile and are prone to having bad eyesight, but they are good hearers. They can also jump, climb, and swim quite fast. More importantly, Norway rats breed quickly, cause damage wherever they go, and will go out of their way to find an available food source, so it is important to call a pest control professional if you have found a Norway rat in your house ASAP.
  • Roof Rat Control: If you have noticed a rat running across a telephone wire, chances are it was a roof rat. These brownish-black rodents get their name from their preference for making nests high up. To prevent roof rats from entering your property, it is extremely important to keep trees and plants near your home well-trimmed. Too often, a roof rat will get into someone’s house by climbing from a tree branch, onto the roof, and into the attic, where it will then start to tear up insulation to make its nest.
  • California Mice Control: California mice are fascinating animals that use ultrasound to communicate. Unlike most rodents, they also mate for life. However, the things that make these rodents interesting are also what makes them hard to get rid of. These small brown mice are great at hiding, and once they have moved in somewhere, they can become extremely aggressive and territorial.
  • Deer Mice Control: Similar to the California mouse in appearance, the deer mouse is actually one of the more dangerous pets you could end up having to deal with on your property. This isn’t because they are particularly violent or aggressive, but because they are the leading carriers of Hantavirus in the U.S. The good news is that deer mice prefer to make their nests outside, so you are more likely to find them in a barn or shed than in your actual house. However, if you do spot a deer mouse in your home, call a rodent control company and stay away, as even coming in contact with deer mice droppings can be dangerous.
  • House Mice Control: Part of the reason the house mouse gets its name is because it is one of the most common household pests both in North American and around the world. While they may not be as directly dangerous as the deer mouse, house mice are a more persistent threat, as they gnaw on wood and wires, contaminate food, and leave droppings everywhere they go. Plus they are persistent, and can be very hard to get rid of once they have settled in somewhere. One common sign of a house mice infestation is their nasty-smelling urine, which they use to communicate. So if you keep noticing a foul, unexplained odor in your house, consider calling a pest control professional to get to the bottom of it.
  • Gopher Control: Gophers are not the harmless animals many make them out to me. While they do have some benefits for the ecosystem, they can be disastrous for residential homeowners, as they eat tree roots and shrubs, and will tear up lawns and gardens to dig their tunnels. Gophers typically only travel one at a time, but even a single gopher tunnel can cause a lot of property damage, so if you have noticed one on your property, you better either call for pest control or hope there is a hungry predator nearby.

Other Riverside Pest Control Options

In addition to our standard pest control services, Rodents Stop is proud to offer a number of home improvement options to help keep your home safe, pest-free, and looking better than ever for years to come. We offer pest-proofing so you do not even have to worry about an infestation in the first place. We also provide attic cleaning services, including insulation replacement and asbestos removal, in case a rodent has gotten in your attic and torn up your insulation. If you are considering purchasing a new home, we highly suggest you contact us for a professional rodent inspection. And with new construction services to help ensure rodent damage does not interfere with your daily life, Rodents Stop truly has something for everyone.

Call Our Trusted Riverside Rodent Control Company Today

Rodents Stop is committed to offering affordable services for every homeowner. That’s why we provide several financing options to fit a range of budgets. As a family-owned and operated company, we also want your family to feel completely protected, which is why we’re here to ensure you that our business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Because we are all about convenience, you can call us any day of the week for phone support—seriously, feel free to reach out 24/7! And with our Lifetime Protection Guarantee on every single service, it’s hard to get a bad deal when you hire the Riverside pest control pros at Rodents Stop.


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