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Santa Monica Rodent Control

Santa Monica is a beautiful city to live mainly because of its location right by the ocean, and because of its agreeable climate. In the 1980s the city has experienced a population boom because of the revitalization of its downtown core and significant job growth. Roughly 7.3 million tourists come to visit Santa Monica each year, which produce excessive waste additionally to the waste that is produced by people who live there. It is unavoidable to create a home for rodents with the waste left behind on the side of the street. The rodents quickly will move from the streets into your house finding everything they need, like food, nesting areas and safety, close by. If you do find rodents in your house do not try to fight them yourself. Contact our professional rodent control Santa Monica specialist which will be able to get rid of them and keep them out of your house for good. Here at Rodent Stop we solve your problem so you don’t have to!

Santa Monica Rat Exterminator

Food crumbs on open containers left behind for most people means that they have mice in their house. So they go out and buy mice traps that they put up, but unfortunately the problem often does not get better but worse. The above mentioned problems are not only an indicator for mice, but could also mean that there are rats living in your house and eating through your food. To make sure you fight the problem correctly from the beginning you should get the best service of Santa Monica rat exterminators possible. Here at Rodents Stop will quickly tell the difference between mice and rat infestation, get rid of the problem, and make sure we leave your house behind properly fixed up to avoid any rodent problems in the future.

Santa Monica Mice Exterminator

Often times people can misinterpret a mice problem for a rat problem. If you attempt to solve your problem using the wrong approach this can lead to an even worse outcome that started with. Our rodent control Santa Monica mice exterminators are professionally trained to quickly tell determine the exact type of infestation issue in your house. We will make sure to seal even the smallest cracks to exterminate your mice problem and prevent them from coming back.

Santa Monica Attic Cleanup

Rodents prefer dark and secluded spaces to live in. In most houses that space would be the attic. And even though you keep your house neatly clean, the attic might often be forgotten on routinely cleaning rounds. If you already had rodents living in your attic it is important to call our Santa Monica attic cleanup. Our trained rodent control Santa Monica attic mice removal team will make sure that your attic is well cleaned, and stays that way to avoid any future rodent problems in your attic.

Santa Monica Indoor Clean Air

Even though your floors and walls are clean after a rodent infestation that does not always mean that all of the danger is gone. Rodents leave germs behind in the air impossible for you to see. But you will feel them because ingesting the germs over a period of time can lead to allergies and diseases. To make sure you do not get sick you should call our Santa Monica home decontamination service. Our team has the right equipment to test the air in your home and purify it so you can breathe again without having to worry about getting sick.

Rodent Control Santa Monica

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Rodent Control Santa Monica
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“Great job done by Rodent Stop last week on my house. This company did what they said they would do and the service was beyond reasonable and quick. I’ll have them back for the new attic insulation install as soon as I can, we are in the middle of a remodel so we are not quite ready for insulation yet but from what I have seen so far I know I will get a great job. Thank you Rodents Stop!”

Arnold F.

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