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The California mouse, also known as the California deer mouse, is a species of rodent native to Northwestern Mexico and Central Southern California. Not to be confused with a regular deer mouse, these rodents are unique in that they form monogamous bonds, as opposed to most species of mice, which are polygamous. Given their partner fidelity and paternal care instincts, California mice are one of the most fascinating rodent breeds for researchers to study. However, their orientation towards family life also makes them more aggressive, with both males and females fighting strongly to protect nesting sites. For this reason, it is important to hire an experienced pest control technician if you spot a California mouse in your home.

The good news for you is that Rodent Stop offers expert California mice control in Los Angeles as well as Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange & Ventura Counties. Backed by a decade of experience, our licensed, bonded, and insured company provides natural, pet-friendly solutions for all your rodent-related problems. Our patented spray is designed to neutralize odors and eliminate pheromones, so California mice and other rodents stay away for good. We also offer our efficient home entrapment kit, allowing us to provide comprehensive pest control options for any level of infestation, and we perform free, in-person estimates, so you can feel completely secure before you commit to the service process. And to top it off, we are available seven days a week for support, so you can feel free to call Rodent Stop 24/7.

Identifying a California Mouse in Los Angeles

The California mouse has extremely large ears, and a tail that is longer than its head and body combined. Including their tail, these rodents can range from eight to eleven inches in length. Their coat is brown with black hairs mixed in. Their dorsals (the upper backside) and undersides have a creamy-white color, while their foot and manus are white.

As mentioned above, California mice can be aggressive, and with their jumping and avoidance techniques, they can become a hard pest to get rid of. Litters usually only contain two pups, but they can have up to six litters a year, so once they get inside your house, it is important to stop them before they can reproduce. California mice also communicate via ultrasound, which is another thing about them that’s both remarkable and makes them a difficult pest to locate and exterminate. These rodents are semi-arborol, so it is important to keep trees and plants tidily trimmed, so as not to draw them to your property. And they eat shrub fruits, seeds, and flowers, so make sure to monitor your garden for signs of California mice. Finally, these mice can compress their bodies to become very small, so seal up cracks and holes as much as possible throughout your property, and make sure food is properly put away and that you have tightly sealed lids on containers and garbage cans.

Signs of a California mice infestation in Los Angeles include:
  1. Gnaw marks on wood and wiring
  2. Damaged food
  3. Scurrying sounds around your home
  4. Nests made out of debris like grass and sticks
  5. A distinct mewing cry
  6. Tracks or droppings around your property
  7. Visible mice sightings

Eliminate California Mice in Los Angeles Today

At Rodents Stop, we care about making sure all of our customers in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Ventura Counties can afford reliable pest control. Our family-owned and operated business offers upfront and honest rates without any last-minute fees or surcharges. We have a great reputation across Southern California, and are committed to going above and beyond for every homeowner that hires us. Plus with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s no reason to hire another company to take care of California mice or any other rodent infestations.


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