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Get Rid of California Mice in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange & Ventura Counties

Deer mice are found in rural areas across the United States. This type of mouse generally stays outdoors, so infestations in residential homes are rare. However, they can become a big problem in farming communities, and may invade vacation houses, sheds, and outbuildings. Plus, they are a major concern in California as the only mouse species to carry the Hantavirus in the state.

At Rodents Stop, we proudly offer expert deer mice control in Los Angeles and across Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Ventura Counties. For over a decade, our experienced pest professionals have been delivering customer satisfaction, which is why we have a great reputation among SoCal homeowners. With our patented, odor-neutralizing spray, we can remove pheromones from your home, putting a stop to any current infestations and preventing more from occurring in the future. We also offer our signature entrapment kit, and all of our services are designed to be natural, pet-friendly, and safe for the entire family. Plus with free estimates to get you started, there’s no harm in calling Rodents Stop today.

Do I Need Deer Mouse Extermination in Los Angeles?

Deer mice are brown in color, with white feet and underbellies. They can range between five and eight inches long and have roundish bodies. They generally emerge to feed at dusk and dawn, looking for seeds, insects, nuts, berries, and small fruits. As mentioned above, the deer mouse usually seeks shelter outdoors, so you may find them in fence posts, hollow tree logs, or piles of leaves and debris. When deer mice do invade homes, it is usually during the winter, wherein they may infest sheds, garages, and unused vehicles. They may also hide out in dark areas like basements and attics. If deer mice have made their way into your home, watch out for them in storage boxes, stuffed furniture, drawers, and wall voids, as these are all spots these rodents have been known to make their nests.

To prevent deer mice from taking up residence in your home this winter, make sure to seal up cracks and holes as much as possible. These unwanted guests can squeeze their bodies through holes roughly the size of a pencil, so even the smallest openings can present a way in. Make sure to control moisture on your property as well, installing drainage systems like gutters and removing any sources of standing water outside. Also, remember to use protective gloves when working outdoors if you know you live in an area where deer mice are common, as contact with these animals can be extremely dangerous given their ability to transmit Hantavirus. And if you find droppings, do not touch them and call a professional ASAP, as you can even become infected with this syndrome by breathing in aerosolized urine droplets of infected deer mice.

Signs of deer mice on your property include:
  1. Gnaw marks on wood and wiring
  2. Partially eaten or damaged food
  3. Scurrying sounds in your attic or basement
  4. Nests made out of debris
  5. Small tracks
  6. Droppings/urine
  7. Live or dead mouse sightings

Don’t Put Up with a Deer Mouse Infestation in Los Angeles County

At Rodents Stop, our family-owned and operated business is committed to ensuring that your property is completely protected from deer mice and a range of other rodent threats. That’s why our licensed, insured, and bonded company is available seven days a week and offers 24/7 phone support. We’re also honest and upfront about prices, and unlike some companies, we will never try to sell you on a maintenance plan you don’t need. And to top it off, all of our services come with a lifetime guarantee, so you always know it’s a good idea to hire Rodents Stop for deer mice cleanup and control.



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