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Home Pre-Purchase Rodent Inspection in Los Angeles

We Perform Thorough Property Inspections for Residents of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County, Ventura County & the Surrounding Areas

When you’re thinking about buying a property, it’s important to know you are making a sound investment decision by not buying a home with rodents, attic infestation. There are 2 inspections that buyers should commission for any property they are intending to buy: a pre-purchase building inspection and a pre-purchase rodent inspection.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Purchase Rodent Inspection?

Pre-purchase inspections, in general, are designed to determine the condition of the house before making a decision to purchase the property. At Rodents Stop we have taken this one step further by determining if the home in question has had or could potentially have a rodent infestation problem. Our rodent control experts determine if there are any major issues (big or small) that will need to be remedied and as a safeguard, something you want to be well informed about as rodents can cause several thousands of dollars in damage to attics, walls, etc.

Do I Need Both a Building & Rodent Inspection?

It is important to remember a building inspection is separate to a rodent inspection. Although there is a bit of overlap in the content of these two inspections, there are some significant differences, which is why it is important to have both a building inspection and rodent control inspection before buying a property as general inspections would not identify future problems you may possibly have with the property being vulnerable to rodent infestation.

When Do You Need These Inspections?

These inspections are carried out before the buyer completes the purchase of the property. and is subject to a clean/pass inspection report. This means they are carried out before placing an offer on a property or during the cooling off period. This allows the buyer to re-negotiate the price if required (depending on the findings of the inspection) or even pull out of the deal if the problems are a deal breaker for the buyer.

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