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Got a rat problem? Rodents Stop can help solve it for good. Our experienced technicians proudly provide rat control in Los Angeles and across Southern California. We understand the unique specifics of dealing with a rat infestation and know how to eliminate the source of the problem.

Our rat control services include rat extermination, rat prevention, rat removal, rat cleanup, crawl space decontamination, and attic cleaning for residential homes. With over a decade of experience and a great reputation, you know you can trust us to get the job done right. And because we offer free in-person estimates, there’s no reason not to call Rodents Stop if you believe you have a rat infestation right away.

How do you know you have rats?

  • Rats create scratching sounds when they move around, so if you hear these type of noises coming from your attic or other parts of your house, it is a good idea to call a pest professional.
  • Rats leave droppings around the house, usually in places that are not instantly visible. If you find small black pellets in hidden corners or under cabinets, there is a good chance you are dealing with at least one rat in your home.
  • Rats chew on everything, meaning that if you notice marks in wood, furniture, or even your wiring, you should call an exterminator to see if you have a rat problem.
  • Rats’ nests are made of debris, twigs, and plants, though they can also be constructed from cotton, cardboard, and other discarded materials. One household location where it is particularly common for rats to make a nest is in attic insulation. Bottom line: if you find a rats’ nest anywhere, it is essential to call for rodent control ASAP.

To reach our Los Angeles rat control and cleanup team by phone, dial (866) 290-9305 now.

When One Rat Means Many Rats

It is very important to understand just how crafty rats are when it comes to finding shelter. Rats can smell their own scent for up to five miles around them, meaning they will follow their smell back to places other rats have been. Like most rodents, rats reproduce quickly, so even small populations can become huge infestations in a short period of time. They can also fit through extremely tiny holes, with some rats able to collapse their bodies to crawl through openings roughly the circumference of a quarter. And rats can detect food from far away as well, and will flock to anywhere they can find crumbs, garbage, or other kinds of discarded leftovers.

Once a rat has been in your home and tracked their pheromones around, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of them. Fortunately, Rodents Stop offers our patented pheromone-eliminating spray to discourage rat infestations. This cutting-edge spray is designed to help stop your current rat problem while preventing infestations from reoccurring in the future. But make sure to call us as soon as you can if you see a rat, as it is always better to stop an infestation before it gets out of control.

Rats can cause:

  • Fires by chewing on wires
  • Damage to furniture and other belongings
  • Damage to walls, roofs, floors, etc.
  • Damage to attic insulation
  • Unhealthy living conditions (droppings, contaminated food, etc.)

Effective Rat Prevention in Los Angeles

To best way to ensure you have a rat-free household is to keep any possible food sources tightly sealed and to clean and sanitize your home on a regular basis. That means no crumbs should be left on the floor and no garbage cans should sit around for too long without an effective lid. Rats love grains and cereals, so make sure you keep these foods as well as other leftovers in proper containers to prevent contamination. Also, never leave fruits and vegetables lying out or let waste sit for too long in the sink. Cardboard objects are also proven to be attractive to rats, as they like to chew on cardboard and may use old boxes in their nests. For this reason, it is important not to let old boxes pile up in storage areas. And as always, try to seal off cracks and holes in your home wherever possible, weather-stripping windows and doors and caulking problematic gaps and openings.

At Rodents Stop, we attack infestations from multiple angles, sealing up entry points, neutralizing pheromones through our industry-leading spray, and cleaning up any possible health hazards rats have left behind. We can also provide you with our signature entrapment kit, and with control and treatment options for both Norway Rats and Roof Rats, Rodents Stop has the skills and experience necessary to take care of rat infestations big and small.

Call Rodents Stop Now If You Have a Rat Problem in Los Angeles

No one should have to live in fear of rats. Show these nasty rodents whose boss and call Rodents Stop for information about pricing and financing options today. We are available by phone seven days a week for support, so you can feel free to reach out to our family-owned business 24/7. As a licensed, bonded, and insured Los Angeles rat control company, you can count on us to deliver natural, non-toxic, and long-lasting solutions every time. And because we are so confident in our unique rat treatment services, we provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE with all of our work!

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