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Living in Silver Lake is not without its benefits. Being in Central Los Angeles means that there is plenty to do, and Silver Lake is no exception. With everything from beautiful architecture to breathtaking views, it is amazing that more people do not live there. Being in the middle of Los Angeles is not without its problems, one of them being widespread issues of rodent problems. If you are beginning to experience a mouse or rat infestation, then it is important that you call a rodent control Silver Lake  company immediately, otherwise you could find yourself at the mercy of vermin in no time.

Rats start on the outside, and work their way in

Rat problems are generally easier to spot. Since rats are a bit larger, they tend to leave their mark outside by rooting through garbage or food deliveries that have been left outside too long. If you are able to catch them before they make it into your house, you have won half the battle already. If they have gotten in, then it is likely that there is a larger crack where they are getting through. By calling a local Silver Lake rat exterminator, you are able to stop the problem at its source. They will diagnose the problem and help you get rid of the rats that are currently inside, while also working to plug up any holes where they might be getting in.

Mice, the silent infestation

Mice are much more insidious, they can get into your house and begin to move around often without your knowledge. Their smaller bodies let them easily fit through holes no bigger than a dime, meaning that they can get into your house through the smallest overlooked hole. Mice exterminators in Silver Lake are no stranger to infestations, not only will they stop your mouse problem, but they will do an incredibly thorough sweep of your home for any mouse holes that may have been overlooked previously.

First, prepare for an attic cleanup

Cleaning your attic is not just something that is left to your spring cleaning list. Mice and rats love to hide up there because of the numerous hiding places that you give them by storing your things there. Not only are there plenty of places to hide, but the amount of things that you have in your attic could be hiding some mouse holes as well. An exterminator will help you with attic cleanup in Silver Lake and make sure that no holes go unseen.

Rodents do not just leaving droppings

Rodent droppings are not your only problem when it comes to an infestation. They can also leave hair and other particles behind that lower your indoor air quality. For indoor clean air in Silver Lake, you need to get rid of your rodent problem and have it tested to ensure that there are no lasting problems.
If you are looking for a reputable rodent control specialist in Silver Lake, look no further than Their experienced professionals will help you keep your home free of rodents for years to come.

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