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We Use Smoke Testing to Protect Your Home from Pests!

You might think that mice and rats target old, broken-down buildings, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, rodents often pop up at new construction sites and may already be making a home of your new house!

Rodents Stop is happy to provide smoke testing for this reason! Our expert technicians have the skill and experience to detect any kind of rodent that’s accessing your property.

As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we take pride in our good reputation and offer free in-person estimates!

Why Do New Homes in Los Angeles Area Require Rodent Control?

Rodents often live in recently cleared areas that are home to new construction. And, because they often make a home in:

  1. Dirt
  2. Underbrush
  3. Grass, and
  4. Shrubs and trees

Rodents may need to look find a new home, and it could be your new build! Since construction sites are often filled with debris like garbage and branches that they build their nests with, rodents can quickly find a new place to live.

Unfortunately, new builds also have the reputation of being subject to poor workmanship. This can mean there are undiscovered access and entry points in your home that rodents can easily get into!

Rodents Stop can use smoke testing equipment to ensure your new home is rodent free. Our services include:

  1. Rodent proofing
  2. Pre-Purchase home inspections
  3. A Lifetime Guarantee!

Why Your Home Needs Our Smoke Testing Services

This type of testing can help to identify problem spots in your home! By using a combination of smoke mixed with air and blowing it through your home’s lines, we can detect areas where rodents might gain access to your home.

Because rodents love moist areas, detecting these problems before they start can help you steer clear of an infestation!

By utilizing smoke testing tools, the rodent control experts at Rodents Stop can:

  1. Locate vents linked to your home’s sewer pipes that are rife for rodent infestation
  2. Check under sinks, showers and drains for opening where a rodent can get in
  3. Find pipes, connections and seals in the wastewater system that have incurred damage and will attract rodents

Contact Rodents Stop to Secure Your Home’s Safety Today!

Rodents Stop’s priority is ensuring your home is the comfortable, secure place it’s meant to be!

As a family owned business, we offer the best in customer service using all-natural products that won’t harm your pet so we can ensure the safety of your household. Our one-time service is backed by a lifetime guarantee to stomp out any rodent issues for good.

We’re available 24/7 by phone and offer financing options to suit any budget. Call us today at (866) 290-9305 and trust our experts who know how to perform smoke testing in the Los Angeles area!


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Programs Require No Maintenance

Programs Require No Maintenance

Programs Require No Maintenance

Programs Require No Maintenance


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