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Rodents Stop offers its customers a limited warranty with all of the quality and effectiveness of all the work that we perform for you and the effectiveness of all pest control products we use.

Rodents Stop warrants to Customers that the work it performs will fulfill the requirements of this services agreement. Rodents Stop promises to repair or replace, or cause to be repaired or replaced, any or all of the work that may prove to be defective in workmanship or materials, together with any adjacent materials or improvements that may require repair or replacement because of defective portions of the work, for as long as the customer lives in the home, ordinary wear and tear and unusual abuse or neglect excepted. The obligation of Rodents Stop under any warranty in this agreement shall include all costs and expenses to repair and correct such defects, including additional testings and inspections and compensation for services and expenses made necessary by such warranty work. All materials furnished and labor performed to correct or repair any defects is warranted by Rodents Stop in the same manner as the warranty of the original labor and materials from the date of completion of such repair or correction.

This warranty includes Rodents Stop’s sealing of new entry points, clean up, even to the point of re-treating a home if necessary.

At Rodents Stop, we take GREAT PRIDE in our work, and we have every confidence that we are the BEST! We know that the treatments we perform will keep rats out for good. We offer this limited warranty on all of our treatments. If any rats/ mice are able to chew through, push through, or get past-in anyway, we will perform complete rodent control service with trapping, clean up and treatment.

Rarely do we have to return to service a building that we have already worked on, but rest assured that if rats are ever able to gain access to your structure due to some fault in our materials, workmanship, or manage to re-enter Customers home for any reason-we will remedy the situation for you! We strive for COMPLETE customer satisfaction.

This warranty is simple: If you hear prolonged noises, see droppings, or see a rat in the home, after we perform our treatment, we will come back to your home and perform additional services that are commercially reasonable under the circumstances to resolve the issue at no additional charge to you. The guarantee is transferable, if you sell the house-the guarantee goes with the house!

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