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Rodent Stop Yelp Reviews

5 star ratingI had a serious rat problem. In just a few weeks we had over a hundred in the house. I tried a popular exterminator and they charged me a lot with no success. Rodent Stop came in and detailed a serious trapping, cleaning and warrantee plan. It's as been two years now, and we haven't seen a single rat that whole time. I am very impressed with their results and strongly recommend them to solve the most serious problems you might have.

Michael S. Avatar
Michael S.

5 star ratingRodent stop care of a very bad situation In a very quick time. My house was infested with rats due to a tenants neglect . Rodent Stop came out and got the job done ! No mess left behind . Worked out a payment plan for me. I couldn't be happier

Terry A. Avatar
Terry A.

5 star ratingWe were OVERRUN with rats. It was terrifying! But one call and a consult and we were set to go. A team of 3 arrived early and spent all day blocking and closing up every nook and cranny. They also cleaned out my attic! It took a bit of time because those pesky rodents were insisting they wanted to stay. But the guys kept at it, visiting my house to check the traps and clean up often.

We have now been rat free for several months and I could not be happier! Their prices are slightly higher than the rest but they are WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Anne W. Avatar
Anne W.

5 star ratingI can't say enough good things about Rodent Stop. Our house was riddled with entry holes and our insulation was in tatters. Thanks to them the holes are closed up and the attic is re-inulated and we haven't seen a trace of anything since.

Amanda J. Avatar
Amanda J.

5 star ratingI've had an ongoing rat problem for a few months and after tryin out glue traps and snap traps it seems that the more rats I trapped the worse the problem got. I called Rodent stop and they came out and knew exactly where to look and what to recommend.
They gave me a price and after I agreed they scheduled a day to come out and preform the treatment. They did an amazing job sealing entry points and cleaning up droppings , they also came back for follow ups and it's been some time now and no sign of any rats. If they ever return so will this wonderful company as they offer a life time guarantee.

Inna L. Avatar
Inna L.

5 star ratingWe had a rat problem inside the walls in our house. We called Rodents Stop and entrusted them with the job. They performed as promised. They opened holes in the ceiling to to discover the entry points used by the rats. They clean, disinfect and dispose of any droppings. They place cameras to detect rats traffic. After each session they clean up as if no work was done. When we call they answer in a friendly and professional manner and are eager to oblige. The technicians who perform the work are professional, courteous and punctual. They keep investigating until the problem is resolved. I wholeheartedly recommend Rodents Stop to anyone experiencing rodents issues in their home. Best of all their is guaranteed LIFETIME. They earn their fees the old fashioned way: Hardwork, Honesty, and total professionalism. Great company, great people, great work.

Resident of Tarzana.

Andre S. Avatar
Andre S.

5 star ratingWe had a serious pest problem at my business in Los Angeles and the pros at rodent stop came through and eliminated the problem.

So happy finally getting rid of all the issues and problems.

Thank you rodent stop for your help with taking care of this issue!

Navid N. Avatar
Navid N.

5 star ratingMateo responded promptly and investigated the situation thoroughly. He took pictures of the nest in the walls and honestly appraised the situation without trying to oversell or upsell us on unnecessary work. Definitely recommended!

Damian C. Avatar
Damian C.

5 star ratingFor our home inspection, Scott was the tech who came out and he was wonderful. He took photos, explained everything to us and showed us proof that we had rodents (which we already knew).

As all the other reviews state, the pricing is really high (as noted, what you are essentially paying for is the lifetime service for the structure) and we were able to negotiate down a bit, which was great.

Scott acknowledged that we could use new insulation and that they provide that service, but he didn't push it. We chose not do install new insulation.

We scheduled the work to be done the following week, although they had openings within a day or two. The work crew texted me when they were about 30 minutes away and arrived on time (around 7am). Israel was the project manager, and Roberto and Lionel were the guys doing the nitty gritty. Israel and Roberto did a walk through in and outside the house with us and we talked about all the different possible entry points for the rodents, where they would seal holes inside/outside, etc.

After the walk through, Israel left to go to another job site while Roberto and Lionel sprayed in the attic and below the house, removed rodent debris, set traps in the attic and below the house, and patched up several holes (big and small) throughout the property.

Even with a lunch break, the crew was done by about 2:30pm. They were fast, efficient, polite and professional. Israel returned to inspect the crew's work and told us what to expect next, which included a crew returning to check the traps the following week. He warned that we may hear the rodents inside the attic if they didn't all escape while the work was being done. And he was right.

That night, we heard the scratching. It returned a couple nights later, and then stopped. Miguel came by a week later and he found one dead rat in one of the traps above the attic. Everything else was clear. Miguel was fast, efficient and professional. He was in and out in less than 20 minutes. The office called me a few days later to schedule another appointment to check the traps two weeks later.

In those two weeks, it was very quiet in the attic. We didn't hear any noises in the walls, which was great. Israel and Roberto returned in two weeks and all the traps were empty, no sign of rodents inside.

It has been more than 2.5 months since the initial treatment and the house has been quiet ever since. We are very happy we chose Rodents Stop.

Jackie P. Avatar
Jackie P.

5 star ratingThis Company has been very responsive since my request for a quote. They arrive timely, are through, clean and responsive. I appreciate the staff, Karen who did our site visit and contract, Israel and Mike who did the rat proofing and Ro who came back to clear the traps. All their staff have been very attentive to their jobs and considerate of our time and property.

Isy M. Avatar
Isy M.

5 star ratingCompany has the best customer service, scheduling is fast and easy ! Guys get the job done ! Thank You.

Destiny H. Avatar
Destiny H.

5 star ratingGreat service, quick response time. What more can you ask for when you need to remove these pesky pests. Thank you Rodent Stop.

Antjuan F. Avatar
Antjuan F.

5 star ratingMario from Rodents Stop did a great job at Los Angeles Pierce College. His crew was on time. They kept the work area clean and organized. So far we have not seem any rodents. Mario comes by every week to check on the traps. I would recommend Rodents Stop. Thanks Gerry

Gerry D. Avatar
Gerry D.

5 star ratingI've had a big problem with rodents and tried Western Exterminator and other companies to take care of the problem but they just charged me but never got rid of rodent. They have told me bunch of different excuses why I still have rodents but that was only it. I've heard about Rodentstop on the radio and decided to give them a chance. I was very surprised how they came with 2 big vans and a team of 8 workers to seal my building from the top to the bottom. After that, every week technician would come and check all the traps and replace the old onces with dead rats with a new one. After 2 months I totally got rid of all the rodents. Also, they gave me a life time warranty so I don't have to worry about future rodents to show up again. If they do, I just call rodentstop and they will take care of it. Thank you rodentstop for your services!!!!!

Mr. L. Avatar
Mr. L.

5 star ratingI had a horrible and stubborn rat problem in my house about 3 years ago. The rodents had gotten into my walls and were nesting in my attic. Rodent Stop stuck with me until every last one was gone. It took longer than expected and they stuck to their original bid. They got rid of them and sealed my house up tight. I have never had a problem again. Highly recommend.

Questing B. Avatar
Questing B.

5 star ratingWe had a serious rat infestation in our attic when we bought our first house! We looked up a lot of places and went with rodent stop. They were so thorough and sealed EVERY hole there was that the rodents could be getting in from. Cleaned and desanitized the entire attic and left everything totally clean - no mess left behind. We didn't see or hear any rodent activity since we had them come. Not cheap, but worth the peace of mind that they really do get rid of the PROBLEM! Highly recommend rodent stop.

nicola v. Avatar
nicola v.

5 star ratingHeather was really helpful, her team did a great job at my home in santa monica. They turned up on time and were very helpful and got rid of out unwanted furry friends! I would definitely recommend them!

Ed T. Avatar
Ed T.

5 star ratingI could not get rid of the rats in my attic. I caught 9 rats and could not get rid of them. I called Rodent Stop and they covered up all entrances including the roof, where they where coming in. Since then no more rats.

Te T. Avatar
Te T.

5 star ratingAfter 20 years of attempting to rid my home of rats i found I shelling out $350 ... $650 ... $750 and the rats always came back after 6 months or less. So finally I bit the bullet and reluctantly shelled out waaaay more than I wanted and used Rodent Stop. That was 5+ years ago and the rats never came back. not one! In the end, It was worth every penny. I highly recommend them.

Shelley S. Avatar
Shelley S.

5 star ratingRodent Stop knows what they are doing. Quick, thorough, effective. Our rodent problem was cleared up in one day. Would highly recommend.

Rob B. Avatar
Rob B.

5 star ratingRodents Stop did an excellent job excluding rodents from our home. They were responsive and prompt from my first contact with them. They arrived on time and we proactive about scheduling follow up appointments. I am very pleased with the service and feel comfortable knowing that they provide a lifetime guarantee.

Joanna K. Avatar
Joanna K.

5 star ratingThe folks at Rodents Stop do the rarest thing imaginable---They actually do what they say they are going to do---And they're nice people, to boot----

Joel C. Avatar
Joel C.

5 star ratingWe had a significant rodent infestation with some climbing into our car wheel well and into the engine compartment where they chewed through many of the car wires. A very costly repair.
After a few visits from Rodent Stop we had no more rodent sightings. We entered into an ongoing rodent inspection contract that has proven well worth the money. We highly recommend Rodent Stop!

Vic G. Avatar
Vic G.

5 star ratingHad a major rat problem in my attic, and called Rodents Stop out of desperation. They promptly responded and started work. Not a small job by any means as no one had attempted to tackle the issue (and I'm near the park, lots of critters) for 60 years. But they were as good as promised and I recommend them highly. K.B.

Kappy B. Avatar
Kappy B.

5 star ratingAlthough we didn't end up choosing Rodent Stop, I really appreciate their professionalism and honesty. We received other estimates and were told that we needed to replace all of the insulation in the attic.

Rodents Stop did a thorough investigation of our rodent problem and told us that we would not need to replace all of the insulation because all of it was not damaged.

I really appreciate their expertise. It's hard to find people of integrity these days.

Jason S. Avatar
Jason S.

5 star ratingI got three quotes for a known rat problem in my 1940's home with attic and crawl space. Rodents Stop was not the cheapest but their professional visit and estimate with a complete description of what would be done was far more complete and detailed than simple trap and leave estimates. The subsequent work was great taking 3 men 7 hours to complete with sealing, treating, traps set, etc. I had already trapped 4 rats in short order followed by no more and none have been found on first 2 week later visit so I hope we got them. But the charge includes more visits and traps until convinced none remain and then lifetime coverage if they return.
Going in the crawl space is no pleasure and they wore special gear and left no dust mess on departure.
I am very pleased with this service.

John M. Avatar
John M.

5 star ratingDavid came out and was very respectable and knowledgeable. Definitely can be trusted to help you!

David V. Avatar
David V.

5 star ratingWe called Rodents stop a few years ago. They were out quickly and were thorough and professional. They came back twice to check the traps and remove what was caught.

We have not had a rodent problem since then!

Doris F. Avatar
Doris F.

5 star ratingI was saved by Rodent Stop. We had a Rat problem for years. It got worse. We tried two of the biggest extermination companies in LA. The problem got worse over time. They sent 1 person monthly. But, it's not enough.
Finally, when the rats were in the bedroom my husband said call RS.
They are an army, that comes out and does the job. They took the time to do the job right and the rats were gone. They responded to the problem quickly and professionally. I cannot thank them enough.
I had PTSD, now I sleep well.

Bebe A. Avatar
Bebe A.

5 star ratingRodent stop was a great find!! They took care of our Rat problem, making our home comfortable again. Our family truly appreciates your hard work, cleanliness & efficiency in getting rid of the pest. Thank you

Toni M

Toni M. Avatar
Toni M.

5 star ratingIt took a while to catch all the vermin, but Rodent's Stop did it! A bit costly but effective. Every time I called, they were at my house very quickly. They tried several things to catch the rodents and followed up on them often. I'm thrilled to know that they have a lifetime guarantee . It's been 2 1/2 years and I am completely satisfied.

Jean U. Avatar
Jean U.

5 star ratingMary C, Top O Topanga, 1m ago
Rodent Stop is the best company with a no kill, no chemical policy. Life time guarantee. They are professional and worth every penny. They come when you call and know what they are doing to seal up areas where rats can enter, place traps, and come back at any time you think you smell a rat!

Mary C. Avatar
Mary C.

5 star ratingRodents Stop did an amazing job taking care of our rodent problem. They were very professional and were flexible around my schedule. During the entire process, they remained very responsive. Customer service was beyond anything we experienced before, as this whole ordeal can feel extremely uncomfortable! They have the best solutions to any ongoing rat problem! We tried a few other pest control companies that all thought they had a "better" way of trapping. Rodents Stop has a very aggressive treatment plan that's backed up with a life-time guarantee. I'm confident I'm in the best possible hands to resolve any future pest issues. Can't go wrong with Rodents Stop! Thanks guys!!

Dani Y. Avatar
Dani Y.

5 star ratingThese guys know what they're doing! I highly recommend them if you have a rodent problem..Worth every penney.

Brooke C. Avatar
Brooke C.

5 star ratingGreat thorough company that's been excellent about their lifetime warrranty. I have an old apnish home w Spanish tiles that is very difficult to manage pest problems, but RS has come back several times to help and make sure we were rodent free. Highly recommend

Todd B. Avatar
Todd B.

5 star ratingThese guys were great. Upfront. Polite. On time. No bs. They did the work they promised and we have had zero issues since then. Worth the money.

Bryan M. Avatar
Bryan M.

5 star ratingWe had an ongoing rat problem for a few years now and after trying to solve it on our own by trapping these incredibly smart creatures we finally gave up and called the professionals , rodents stop was absolutely on point from the get go. While looking them up I was impressed by all their online reviews , then calling into the office was another great experience as my schedule is crazy and they were able to accommodate me with their courteous flexibility. When they came out to inspect my house it was clear they knew all there is to know about rats and helped me understand their behavior and everything started to make more sense to me. When the crew came out to preform the treatment at my house it was clear to me they were the right choice, they were very detailed, clean and determined to solve my problem. I was and still am very impressed with Rodents stop over all performance, definitely five stars and an A+ rating from me.

Anna G. Avatar
Anna G.

5 star ratingOur experience with Rodents Stop was excellent. We ordered a full inspection and cleaning of attic and roof, prior to listing our house for sale. No current rodent activity, but droppings in attic from previous activity would be flagged in any future home inspection. The staff was efficient, completing the work in one day. Attic insulation was cleaned and deodorized. Existing openings were located and plugged. Traps were left for an extended period. We recommend this company highly.

Dennis O. Avatar
Dennis O.

5 star ratingThank you Rodent Stop. The guys just cleaned up the attic and put down the traps and within 10 minutes we caught the critter. So relieved. The guys who came by made sure to answer any questions I had. We're so glad we went with you.

Tony L. Avatar
Tony L.

5 star ratingWe are so glad we went with Rodentstop!!! They stand by their guarantee ---and come back to check the situation any time you need them to!
Great family-run business. We are happy! Thanks, Rodentstop!:)

D L. Avatar
D L.

5 star ratingThis is a great company. They have an amazing guarantee and top notch customer service. They are very honest and dilligent. Zero complaints. Highly recommend.

Arlo F. Avatar
Arlo F.

5 star ratingAs a State Building Inspector Class 1 I have certain expeditions about the company that I use...Rodent Stop has far exceeded my expectations on how a company should perform. They performed their work professionally n expediously...they rid my house n property of dozens of these destructive pests. They were clean, professional in all ways n took care of the problem...Thanks David n crew
Frank Barnes, DSA Class 1 Inspector

Frank B. Avatar
Frank B.

5 star ratingI had a bad rodent problem. I called Rodent Stop for help and received professional help all through the process. The work was fast, clean, and I was very satisfied. I now have peace of mind and would recommend Rodent Stop to anyone that has a rodent problem.

Trudella S. Avatar
Trudella S.

5 star ratingThis is not a cheap fix of a rodent issue HOWEVER it is permanent and their pricing is on point with other vendors that do the same work. But for me it was the people and their great work. Heather and her team were amazing. They explained every detail of what they found, the work to be done and the follow up needed. The team that came out to do the clean up and installation were thorough, efficient and did beautiful work with covering the access points around, under and on top of the house. I would recommend them to anyone that asks over and over again.

Crystal M. Avatar
Crystal M.

5 star ratingRodents stop got rid of my rats& they never came back. I recommend them highly! Very professional

Mary Ellen J. Avatar
Mary Ellen J.

5 star ratingRodents Stop was great. We had a mice problem that went away right after their visit. And they followed up and were very professional and reasonable. I highly recommend them!

Rob B. Avatar
Rob B.

5 star ratingRodents Stop did what they promised to do. Ged rid of the rodents we had and keep others from coming in. They come back to check and reset, and the results have been SUCH A RELIEF!

alison P. Avatar
alison P.

5 star ratingThey did a great job. The only thing I suggest is a follow call to see how things are going.

Derrick B. Avatar
Derrick B.

5 star ratingI used other rodent companies in the past, and my own remedies to little avail; but Rodent Stop means business, they don't mess around. If you want to end the madness, fork over the dough and be done with rodents. Rodent Stop's guarantee keeps them coming back until you are completely satisfied that the filthy, noisy, scary, destructive rodents are eradicated.

Nancy A. Avatar
Nancy A.

5 star ratingIf you have any rodent issues whatsoever, rodent stop is definitely your best bet. !!!!
I've used a few other companies over the past years and no one comes close.

Gerard B. Avatar
Gerard B.

5 star ratingWe had battled our mice invasion with live traps for months before hiring Rodent Stop. After trapping over a hundred mice (!), we finally gave in and hired exterminators. We are so glad we did! Rodent Stop was able to stop our infestation, had high ratings, and a lifetime guarantee! We are now done with these rodents and have our house back! Thank you Rodent Stop!!

Kari S. Avatar
Kari S.

5 star ratingI worked with Carolina who was very informative, not a pushy salesperson, and educated me on how to protect my home against rodents. The experience was fantastic! Thank you Carolina.

John L. Avatar
John L.

5 star ratingThe folks at Rodent Stop did an outstanding job of eliminating our rat problem, but extermination, removing all materials rats had nested in that could attract future rats, and sealing up all holes they found in the house. We haven't had a rat since. And they will come back and trap at no charge for 5 years if you see a rat. Based on the excellent job they did, I don't think we'll have to call them! I highly recommend them. Costs more than just having someone come out and set traps, but they get to the source and eliminate the problem!

James F. Avatar
James F.

5 star ratingI had hired another company to eliminate the rats. They worked hard but were unsuccessful. Only trapped 2 rats during 1 month of working and the noises continued in the attic. I hired Rodents stop. they came in and cleaned up the rodent mess in attic and garage and set traps. On the first day they trapped 26 rats, replaced traps and caught another dozen the next week. Now the rats are gone. No noises, no droppings, no smell, no rats in the traps. I'm very happy with the service.

Robert M. Avatar
Robert M.

5 star ratingSo far, my experience with Rodents Stop has been top notch. Honest and personable. came out, and told us it was probably just a rat passing through and wouldnt come back. free estimate. So far, one week later, and he was correct. Also, called me back the next day to go over what to expect if it does come back. again, so far, my experience has been honest and knowledgeable and personable. highly recommend.

Brett S. Avatar
Brett S.

5 star ratingIncredible service from beginning to end. They fixed our rodent problem over two years ago and we haven't had a problem since then!

Billy C. Avatar
Billy C.

5 star ratingI highly recommend rodent stop they come and seal all the possible entry points they set traps and clean the areas as Rhee go always respond to your calls

Miranda H. Avatar
Miranda H.

5 star ratingRodents Stop excels at customer service and stopping rodents! Gustavo and the other hardworking guys safely sealed up countless holes, treated infected areas, and properly insulated my loved one's old home. I also appreciate how they educate consumers and don't use poison. Lastly, Heather is a very friendly and fast scheduler! Thank you for being so professional and skilled throughout the whole process, Rodents Stop!

Kendall W. Avatar
Kendall W.

5 star ratingI called Rodent Stop after calling many companies that said they did rodent abatement. Most just block attic and crawl space places and do little else. Just a few, including Rodent Stop really go through your entire house and block everything. This includes even spaces in your kitchen and garage where rodents can enter. They did this for me, replaced some of my insulation in attic, helped me clean out garage. They spent hours. And they have come back a few times to check and once I even had 2 more dead rats. The true test will be if I call them back in maybe a year or two. Will they still honor the contract? They are one of the few to give a lifetime guarantee and this is one of the major reasons I went with them. I had tried to eradicate my place before but this was the only one who seemed to really go to the route of the problem. They sanitized my whole house. Rats don't seem to be attracted and if they were, there is no way for them to enter. Yes, Rodent Stop was very pricey, but I now do not have a problem. If you don't go with a reputable company you will not get rid of the problem permanently.

Judith A. Avatar
Judith A.

5 star ratingOur rat problem was getting out of control as we we're trapping rats daily for months. Our neighbors referred rodents stop to us and assured us they were the best. They were right. Rodents stop was punctual, professional, and effective.
I made my peace with the fact that I had to spend some money and finally wake up from this nightmare.
I highly recommend their services
Thank you so much Rodents Stop

Haya N. Avatar
Haya N.

5 star ratingWe recently moved into a new home. I had Rodent Stop come out to make sure my house was sealed properly because we have a lot of wild life and rodents around. It may be expensive but its worth every penny. They were at my house for over 10 hours making sure everything was sealed and there were no openings left for any rodents to get through. They were so thorough and so professional. I highly recommend Rodent Stop.

Melissa T. Avatar
Melissa T.

5 star ratingRodents Stop was extra thorough and did an amazing job. I am very happy with the service and attention to detail.

Rob B. Avatar
Rob B.

5 star ratingFrom initial consultation to completion, everyone from Rodents Stop was professional and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate Joey, Anthony, Phillipe, David, and all the others. The cost of rodent eradication, old duct removal, and duct replacement was fair and reasonable. The duct work crews worked in our attic from before 8 am until after 6 pm on a 100+ degree day in Westlake Village last week. Outstanding and dedicated work under awful weather conditions. I highly recommend this company.

James T. Avatar
James T.

5 star ratingWe live in an old craftsman home and we could not get rid of the mice and rats. They were actually in the walls and creating nests in 2 different locations inside the house. We used one service and that did not work. We were told about Rodents Stop by a customer of theirs. They swore by them. I will now do that too. They came out did a estimate of the job and reminded us that this is a lifetime guarantee. Fortunately they do have a finance plans and that is what we did. They spent most of the day plugging up all of the holes from the outside of the house. This included the attic and basement. Then they set traps for inside the house. We were informed that we may see some rodents for about 2 weeks. They came out after about 4 days within 24 hours of my call, checked the attic, basement and the traps. After about 2 weeks we still had one pesky rat that we could not find. But alas, one late night I got him. No rats for 4 weeks now. They are really nice on the phone and like I said earlier, once you call them they react ASAP. I highly recommend them.

Michael C. Avatar
Michael C.

5 star ratingRodents Stop was amazing! Extremely professional & thorough -- completely solved our "mice" problem!

Jerry R. Avatar
Jerry R.

5 star ratingThree cars were severely damaged by rats....Since I hired Rodent stop I have had no problems....they have come back twice for inspection and have been courteous and thorough.

Judy H. Avatar
Judy H.

5 star ratingI found this company on yelp and I can confirm a 5 star for them as well. Their rate is the going rate and they do offer the yelp discount but you have to decide right away when you get your quote, to get it. The service appointment was made quickly. There was a team of young men who came and scattered around the house to seal off any small openings into the house. They did an excellent job because I did not get one rat so far in the traps and no death smell. The guarantee is 5 years . They also sucked out all the gross rat infested insulation in the attic. It took all day to do! They did not replace the insulation in their price that I chose. I did have a few minor problems which they sent a person out within a day to repair. I had light wiring in the attic that was disconnected when they were cleaning and also they forgot to screw on a couple of air vent covers on the roof after they had sealed them. So far so good. Thumbs up

Louise M. Avatar
Louise M.

5 star ratingGreat service. I'm new to LA, and upon moving into my new house, it was obvious there was a rodent problem in the attic. They quickly cleaned it all up and eradicated the issue. Very responsive and no issues with them honoring their lifetime coverage. Because it was such a positive experience, I decided to have them come back to cover my (detached) garage and also install insulation into my attic. The technicians are reliable and trustworthy. I am deathly afraid of rodents, so super happy to have hired a company that will cover this issue FOREVER.

Tony V. Avatar
Tony V.

5 star ratingI had been hearing noises in the attic, walls and basement for a while. I finally decided to do something about it. I did some research on-line to see what my options were. I didn't just want to lay traps over and over again. I have an older home and it is full of ways mice and rats could make it inside. I came across Rodents Stop. So many 5-star reviews both on Angie's List and Yelp. The reviews stated that it would not be cheap but the number of people happy with there service was incredible.

I called them and Joey came out to give me an estimate a day later. When he walked in to my home he said he could smell rodents. I was skeptical but he really knew his trade. After he calculated the square footage of the main floor, basement and attic he provided me a quote. The quote included a team to seal any entry point going into my home as well as follow-up visits. The service also includes a lifetime warranty...even if I sell my home. I also decided to have them insulate the attic since I did not have any to begin with.

The team came at 7am and spent the day removing nests, disinfecting the attic and basement and blocking holes with screening, wood and wallboard. Took the entire day. These guys worked hard. After they were done they lay traps to catch any remaining rodents inside and told me it might be noisy for a few days. Wow they were not kidding. The traps went off all night. They came the next day to clean them and re-set them. After that they came once per week to check the traps in the basement, attic and main floor to make sure no rodents were found. Clean traps meant they found and blocked all the entry points into the structure. After 4 weeks of clean traps they came and installed the insulation.

Really happy with Rodents Stop. Good communicators. They mostly used email and text to set appointments and let me know when a workers was going to show. The workers always called 30 minutes before they arrived. Total cost for my 1,656 square-foot home was $5,600 which included $1,800 for insulation. Nights are much quieter now.

Jim S. Avatar
Jim S.

5 star ratingThorough, excellent service with continued good results.

Bruce R. Avatar
Bruce R.

5 star ratingIt has been over 5 years and there are still no rodents. The team has been amazing. They are punctual and efficient. Their system worked. There were so many men swarming my attic with their uniforms on -- all covered up -- working together to bag up the insulation that was feasted upon by the rodents. I counted over 40 bags.

All the outside vents were covered. Whatever that was promised was done. The price was worth it.

Tammy J. Avatar
Tammy J.

5 star ratingWe used rodent stop last year. We couldn't stop the rats from getting in. They came . They were fast and efficient. They sealed the house and we haven't had a problem since. Their price was very fair. I haven't had to use their lifetime warranty, but it's there if I need it.

Bonnie R. Avatar
Bonnie R.

5 star ratingThis company does an AMAZING job. They truly care about their clients. Heather is such a great communicator and project manager for Rodent stop. The team onsite does a wonderful job.
Highly highly recommend

Missy B. Avatar
Missy B.

5 star ratingThis is a TRULY GREAT COMPANY! I have owned my land for over 30 years with my family and rats are a common problem for all of us in this neck of the woods here. We have tried everything over the years and this is the ONLY company that has EVER removed the problem for good. I'm 2 years in and no rats inside the house ANYWHERE. You just have to TRUST this company and go with them! I can't recommend them highly enough. I cannot understand the comment I read here by "Sara C." I don't know anything about the replacement of insulation in an attic (does Rodent Stop even do that?) This doesn't make sense to me but I feel bad for her experience. All I can tell you is that if you want to get rid of RATS....which IS what their company is built on....then you have found the right place. Insulation? Perhaps a contractor should have been called...not a rat company. I don't know. TRUST them for your rats!!

Red M. Avatar
Red M.

5 star ratingYou get what you pay for. I know they are expensive, but they were the only company that has a life time guarantee! We already spent $500 for a cheaper exterminator and they didn't catch a single rat. (Apparently roof rats are elusive and hard to catch). The other exterminator claimed to seal all the holes but clearly they did not. We finally decided to spend the extra money and go with Rodent Stop. The technicians were so professional and detail oriented (thank you Israel and your crew!!). They stealed every crazy small hole in our house, attic, garage and foundation. They even pulled up the deck boards and sealed underneath. The work appears neat and clean (as they also added weather stripping to the doors, replaced our dryer vent and added stripping to the garage door as well). I wasn't thrilled about the $3000 price, but again, you get what you pay for. And it's better than having the house burn down because a stupid rat chewed through wires in our old attic!

Kim T. Avatar
Kim T.

5 star ratingYour guy has been here twice and has done a very good job. Both times he told us what he was going to do and told us what he did. He is also a very will mannered person.

Ven G. Avatar
Ven G.

5 star ratingRodents Stop came to my rescue! They are professional, kind, caring and AMAZING at what they do. I live in a condo in Orange County CA and was told by many other companies that there was no one to help me. This company is everything they promise and more. They came out for an inspection on Tuesday and the crew was here on Wednesday doing the work. They cost a bit more, but they are worth every penny and then some! They are really GREAT at what they do. I could not be happier with the service that they provide.

Luanne M. Avatar
Luanne M.

5 star ratingGreat work, do not have any issues since started using their services.

Kimberly H. Avatar
Kimberly H.

5 star ratingThe horrible, pesky rats are gone for the first time in years. The crew did a great job, always showed up on time, and after they left everything was cleaned up! I could not be happier.

Kathryn F. Avatar
Kathryn F.

5 star ratingThe best company ever. They are so responsive and customer focused. Their inspectors are very well trained and give great service. it is a relationship when you work with them. if you have rat problems don't go anywhere else.

Sara K. Avatar
Sara K.

5 star ratingI had some rat problems in NoHo, and they came in and secured all the openings, sprayed down the scent markers the rats had left and were professional, curtious, and explained all options to us very clearly and eloquently. I would highly recommend them for anyone else or use them in the future if i move to a new place that has problems again.

Justin B. Avatar
Justin B.

5 star ratingMario was super nice and friendly. He always gets the job done, now I can sleep in peace!

Kristen C. Avatar
Kristen C.

5 star ratingI highly recommend Rodent Stop. Not only because of their professionalism and expertise in ridding your home of pests, but because of their extraordinary customer service and follow ups. Yes, their fees are a little higher than their competitors, but their lifetime guarantee is well worth the price for the peace of mind. The lifetime guarantee even passes onto the new buyer should you sell your home-a great selling point. Their service is prompt and top -notch. You will not be disappointed with Rodent Stop!

Mike M. Avatar
Mike M.

5 star ratingHad a good experience and would recommend them to others.
B Moore

Bradley M. Avatar
Bradley M.

5 star ratingRodent Stop provides straightforward communication and consistently friendly service, and they're relentless against rodents! Don't be fooled by the lower bids. Their lifetime warranty is one of the BEST investments we've made on our home.

Jacob R. Avatar
Jacob R.

5 star ratingRodent Stop came out about a year ago to deal with a pesky rat family, sealed everything up, and put in new insulation which saves on heating / cooling costs. Proof is in the pudding as the rodents are no more. Very pleased with their professionalism, promptness, and effectiveness.

J. Jesse H. Avatar
J. Jesse H.

5 star ratingThis service treated the original problem by sealing all openings and came by several years later at no charge when I discovered a new problem.

Barbara l. Avatar
Barbara l.

5 star ratingthey are the best get the job done.

Henry F. Avatar
Henry F.

5 star ratingThey do a great job. You always hope you never have a rodent problem, however, if you do, definitely call Rodents Stop. From the first phone call all the way through getting rid of our problem, they did a great job. I would highly recommend them.

Shez P. Avatar
Shez P.

5 star ratingSo far, so good! No sounds from the attic, and when they came back to check the traps (yes, they scheduled to come back to look) we took a look and the attic was super clean and there was no evidence of critters. The work around the perimeter of the house is great - nicely done! They even built and installed a new access door for the crawlspace, which works and looks a LOT better than the existing one. BTW: I initially thought that replacement of the insulation wasn't included with the price, because they left without replacing it. BUT when they came out to check the traps after a week, the service tech said they never replace the soiled insulation until after they've checked the traps a couple times to make sure there's no more infestation. Duh - that makes so much sense!! And, to be doubly sure, I texted the office and asked if they were going tor replace the insulation, and they said "YES", they replace whatever they remove.
So I have to say that I'm very, very happy with the work they did; the fact that they did it neatly (my house had just been painted, and they were very careful not to dirty the new paint); they cleaned up after they were done; they respected the house and wore booties when they came in; the crew came on time and worked a loooong time, until the job was done; and they followed up with me (instead of waiting for ME to call THEM!) to check the traps. I feel confident that they did a perfect job.

Nancy H. Avatar
Nancy H.

5 star ratingBefore calling Rodent Stop we began having a rat problem that I thought I could get rid of myself, I was completely wrong! For everyone I trapped another returned and it was becoming extremely frustrating for myself and my family. Everyday my wife and 3 daughter's were walking around the house on egg shells and it got to the point where we didn't even want to be home. That's when I heard about Rodent Stop on KNX1070 on my way to work. When I heard they guaranteed their work for life I was sold. I needed someone to give us back our peace. I gave them a call and they did everything they said they would do. I highly recommend this company!

Jose L. Avatar
Jose L.

5 star ratingRodents Stop was an incredible easy experience for us. They came quickly, showed up on time for every appointment, did follow up phone calls and appointments. We will now see if indeed we are safe from those pesky rodents! They made the entire process painless and I would highly recommend them.

Natalie M. Avatar
Natalie M.

5 star ratingWhat an exceptional job! Everything they do it is at a level of competency, honesty and professionalism that it is really hard to find. Very hard working team, great customer service! It isn't just advertisement, like usually is. They really do an exceptional job!

Mulika N. Avatar
Mulika N.

5 star ratingWhile we were unable to move forward with their services, our representative took his time and answered all of our questions. He worked diligently and professionally, providing a fair estimate and a good experience.

Peter G. Avatar
Peter G.

5 star ratingI'm so happy and relived that I used Rodent Stop to come and resolve my issues with my mice/rat situation in my attic. They were so professional,clean they worked so hard all day with cleaning out my attic removing about 100 bags of old insulation sealing the holes in the attic vacuuming everything setting traps. Going under the house making sure all vents opening was sealed,replaced, and secure. I was pleased with the service I received today. Thank you so much for your hard work. You guys are awesome. 5 star all the way.

Sigal A. Avatar
Sigal A.

5 star ratingI had rats inside building walls and the attic. I hired Western Exterminator company and after 3 to 4 weeks of lousy job, they couldn't get rid of rats. Then I contracted the Rodent Stop company. They did a great job, as they promised, rats were gone within couple of weeks. Everybody was very helpful and did a very professional job. They also warranty their work for life, if rats ever show up again, they will come back and get rid of them for free.

Peter T. Avatar
Peter T.

5 star ratingWe'd been having an ongoing problem with mice and rats in our large, recently renovated home. The house is old and full of little spots where rodents can get in - we live in the canyons, so the area is full of critters who will always looks for a warm, safe place to breed, etc. When I realized the problem was too big to handle by calling the regular exterminator (they would set traps and never come back to check on them, rarely caught anything and never did anything about the overall problem.) I decided to get serious and called in three different rodent control services -my third estimate came from Joey, from Rodent Stop, he was clearly the most knowledgeable about the problem, went up into the attic and crawl spaces and brought back pictures of the nests and droppings that were in the walls and above the ceilings - it was disgusting to see, but we felt like the understood the way to deal with it. He gave us a price for the entire house to be cleaned out, all droppings, etc removed, air vents cleared - and all of the insulation was infested and needed to be replaced. It was the highest estimate we received, but they clearly were going to fix the problem or never stop trying. The project has lasted several months and at this point, they've pretty much cleared out all of the vermin. As we got into the job, they discovered many entry areas that were covered by foliage or under the ground and it took them a while to find everything. That said, they have been coming promptly and consistently each time we call with a sighting or a smell, I know they will stick with us until there are no longer any rats to catch. I've seen other reviews mention one of the crew leaders, Israel, and he truly is excellent to work with and never gives up. Israel knows every trick and he is neat and efficient, always comes during the appointed time and has always done everything that Joey promised they would do before we hired them. Also big kudos to Heather, who is in the office scheduling the work crews. She has been incredibly friendly, organized, and conscientious and goes out of her way to set up the appts. for a crew to come out in a timely manner. It was a big investment for us to get this problem taken care of - but it was definitely worthwhile. Our attic looks clean and perfect, it has new insulation and we can leave fruit on the counter without fear that a smelly little visitor will come out at night and steal it. Rodent Stop is an excellent company and they provide a quality experience and service -- they do a great job for a fair price and we highly recommend them.

Michele P. Avatar
Michele P.

5 star ratingI found this company to be very clean and reliable. A little pricey but as my father once told me you get what you pay for. Their employee are very neat clean and through. I can sleep with ease knowing all opening have been covered.

Byron M. Avatar
Byron M.

5 star ratingHired rodent stop about a year ago and they were and have been terrific. First time through they cleaned and cleared every corner of our house. A year later we found gnawing on some of the protective wire mesh and they came right back out and addressed it.
We're pleased as can be.

alex l. Avatar
alex l.

5 star ratingRodents stop changed our lives, we live in the mountains and our house was invaded with mice and rats, we used Rodent Stop and they came in and cleared out the rodents.. and it's has been a few years and our house is clear, not one has showed up ....
5 stars for sure

Jori J. Avatar
Jori J.

5 star ratingI check out a few other rodent control places. Rodent stop was not only cheaper but warrantee is far superior. Hopefully I will never need to call them on it, but the lifetime warrantee (of the residence - not me or their business) was far superior.
The came out on time and did their work professionally. Checked back in a week to verify. The will be back again in a couple of weeks again to verify.
Very pleased

Terry A. Avatar
Terry A.

5 star ratingFrom start to finish Rodent Stop was very professional. They got rid of my rat problem right away and conducted numerous thorough inspections to make sure my house was rodent free. I would definitely recommend them

Doris M. Avatar
Doris M.

5 star ratingI highly recommend Rodent Stop to secure your property.
They fully inspect your situation
and seal up every possible entry point.
Then they set traps appropriate for your situation cleaning the areas as they go, capture and discard the rodents.
Thank you Rodent Stop!!

Cliff K. Avatar
Cliff K.

5 star ratingI am giving Rodents Stop a 5 because of Israel, who serviced us after the first crew did not complete the job. The first crew argued with us that they weren't going to do part of what was agreed and told us to call Rodents Stop. We did and got an answering service. Finally, the driver called and was told that we had indeed paid for the service. That first crew wasn't able to finish, but didn't tell Rodents Stop or us that the job wasn't completed. When we figured it out, Rodents Stop wouldn't schedule us for the following weekend since there were no other jobs in our area.

Three weeks after the first crew, Israel came out to finish the job, and was a breath of fresh air. He was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. He was scheduled for more appointments that day and wasn't able to finish but then came back today (four weeks after the initial job), and did a superb job. He has a huge amount of pride in his work, and we hope that Rodents Stop appreciates what an excellent employee they have.

Deb S. Avatar
Deb S.

5 star ratingVery thorough. Expensive but you sleep better at night knowing they will take care of any new rodent problems that might arise.

Chantal D. Avatar
Chantal D.

5 star ratingThese guys fixed our attic rat problem. Sealed and re-insulated the whole thing. They will come and inspect and fix and seals for free anytime thanks to the lifetime warranty. I've used it a few time over the years without question.

Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.

5 star ratingTrust me, I've been avoiding reviewing Rodents Stop because I am almost phobic and can't even say the word that rhymes with cat. Let's just say that after too many sleepless nights listening to R's in my attic, I finally hired them and have been sleeping soundly ever since.

They did what no other pest company was able to do - they eradicated the problem. When I had another "visit," the following Spring, I called them (thanks lifetime guarantee!) and they came out, found the new hole, sealed it, sprayed to get rid of the urine (that's what brings them back) set traps in the attic, came out the following week too check the traps and problem solved.

I'm a satisfied customer. They are worth the extra bucks. Don't waste your money on anyone else.

stacey a. Avatar
stacey a.

5 star ratingI couldn't be happier with the service we received from Rodents Stop. We had rats in our house including our kitchen! RS came out and cleared away old materials from our attic and under our house and then sealed up every tiny crevice where a rat could possibly come in. RS will come out and check any time we have any concerns. And they do not use rat poison or any other toxins.

Penny G. Avatar
Penny G.

5 star ratingI had a terrible rodent problem that had been about 10 years in the making. When they started to come into the house, I called Rodent Stop. It took about 4 weeks: they sealed up my house, removed and replaced the insulation where they were nesting, set traps around my home, etc. I haven't seen a rat in my house since. I was pretty hopeless before I called Rodent Stop. Now I'm just grateful. Highly recommended.

Sheri P. Avatar
Sheri P.

5 star ratingI can't say enough good things about this company. They were fast, honest, thorough, very clean, very friendly. If I had any questions I could text them, & was answered quickly. I highly recommended this company.

Sharon D. Avatar
Sharon D.

5 star ratingWe never had rodents before, but last year it was obviously a problem. Rodent Stop sealed our house, replaced our attic insulation and trapped the critters. They came back until we were Rodent Free! Excellent service. It has been a year and we are still free of these awful creatures!

Laura K. Avatar
Laura K.

5 star ratingWe have wonderful service from RodentsStop. They provide full-house service a year ago, and continue to provide excellent service on the follow up. Our service today was provided by Gustavo, and he was quick, professional and very thorough. As it turns out, the mice I heard were probably on the roof, but he examined everything to make sure that the mice hadn't gotten in. RodentsStop did such a thorough job of sealing our house during the first go-around a year ago, that we didn't have to worry. Thanks too to Heather who arranges the interview for being so easy to work with.

Deb S. Avatar
Deb S.

5 star ratingMario Hernandez you did an amazing, complete, thorough job, even took pictures of the work he did in the attic! Cant thank you enough. Well done!

Janette S. Avatar
Janette S.

5 star ratingRodents Stop is amazing. They were on-time and super professional. The other large exterminator companies told me that I needed to get ongoing monthly maintenance if I wanted to deal with a rodent issue. Not Rodents Stop. The came in and permanently took care of the problem in a single day. And they cleaned up everything very well. I would definitely recommend them.

Michael C. Avatar
Michael C.

5 star ratingI had raccoons and rats in my attic. Someone highly recommended Rodents Stop so I gave them a call. The next day Joey showed up and took a look around. He explained everything they were going to do very clearly and made me feel very comfortable. They take this stuff as seriously as you do! He was so professional and nice. I ended up going a different way but I was sad I couldn't give him my business.

Amy F. Avatar
Amy F.

5 star ratingThis place is spectacular! I was dealing with this problem for too long and no other company could help. But after these guys got on it, the problem has almost disappeared. Of course there is a reappearance when summer heat peaks, but guess what....the warranty has my back. The service is excellent and we have had no issues to report. My only regret is not knowing of this place sooner!

Givona J. Avatar
Givona J.

5 star ratingDealing with Rodent Stop was great. Heather is a professional and was very easy to communicate with. They definitely stand by their guarantee and they make sure you're left with a great experience! I will recommend them to friends and family.

Albert S. Avatar
Albert S.

5 star ratingI am really amazed at the thoroughness. I have had 2 other companies out to get rid of rats and mice. The Rodents Stop crew sealed up way more spots than the other two combined. The previous company did the work about a year and half ago, and the rats were back. They only guaranteed their work for 1 year. Ugg. Also, the degree to which the last company disinfected was much less complete. Yes, it may be more expensive, but I feel that I may actually be ahead of the rodents this time. I will update as I see how this progresses, but the way they covered all the possible entry points was amazing. I have very high hopes this will go as I suspect (ie. well).

Ron R. Avatar
Ron R.

5 star ratingGreat job. No more rats. WOO HOO! A bit expensive but worth it. I was going crazy listening to the critters in my attic. No more. Lifetime guarantee and transferable if you sell your house. Go for it. You won't regret it.

Scott M. Avatar
Scott M.

5 star ratingRodent Stop was referred to me by my real estate person who personally used their service. They are professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Their follow up is timely and you can't beat their lifetime warranty. This is the way to get rid of rodents for good. We would recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Rodent Stop!

Mary C. Avatar
Mary C.

5 star ratingI am very glad that we went with Rodent Stop! I highly recommend them, as they gave me a piece of mind! They were consistent and seemed very knowledgeable with the way rats/mice "think/operate". We had nesting in our attic, Rodent Stop cleared it all out, sanitized and replaced it. Before doing that, they made sure all the mice/rats were out by covering/inspecting the entire house. They set traps and closed all possible entrances. They moved appliances out, checked in the walls, behind cabinets and inspected thoroughly. We have had no problems with them anymore and it's been over a year. They don't just catch them, they also make sure they can't get back in by all means necessary!

Kirra J. Avatar
Kirra J.

5 star ratingLast summer my home also became a home for many rats. They left "their" home in the morning but spent their nights all over the house. One of their special places was behind the dishwasher and sink. They ate all the wiring, tubes and insulation in the dishwasher and the wiring to my disposal. I had been using a local pest control who placed black traps in the yard and I thought it had been working until we became aware of the total infestation. It was disgusting to know that these dirty little animals had access to everything in the house. I found Rodent Stop online and Gustavo was the first pest control person who came. They came every week for most of the summer. I was always happy when it was Gustavo who came but all the reps were good. I had not seen a rat in the house since August and had an appliance person coming to finally fix the dishwasher. Just to be safe I asked RS to come out one more time and i was glad to see that Gustavo was the rep. He found evidence of rats under the house and deck and said I should have then come back next week to take care of this outside problem. He could have easily told me he did not find anything but he was up front about the new area of rats outside and I have an appointment next Friday. All my dealings with Rodent Stop have been very positive. They have always been responsive when I called. I live on a very large lot with open space around the house but with help from Rodent Stop they will never live in my house again.

Nancy H. Avatar
Nancy H.

5 star ratingGreat Service,Very Responsive
Had a few occasions where a dead rodent was noticed in attic
They immediately sent a serviceman over to take care of it.

I would highly recommend this service

Abdul S. Avatar
Abdul S.

5 star ratingMy house had a horrible rat problem! Rats would run throughout the house and could be heard running in the attic. I was having major anxiety because of this! I am so grateful for David and his team who solved my problem completely. Everyone at Rodent Stop went above and beyond to take care of the problem. The company is super nice and easy work. Overall a great experience!

Carly W. Avatar
Carly W.

5 star ratingRodent stop did exactly what it said it would: They showed up quickly for the assessment. They completed the home proofing and rodent removal in one day. They were extremely responsive in follow up services. I'd strongly recommend their service to anyone with a rodent problem, and I will certainly use their services on future properties.

Chris T. Avatar
Chris T.

5 star ratingI called Rodents Stop after seeing ads in the LA TIMES, hearing their radio commercials and reading their Yelp! reviews. The service was exactly as promised. Heather was able to schedule an inspection right away and Steve was not only prompt and thorough, but spent a great deal of time making sure he'd looked at every possible entry point before giving me a quote. The price was high but I was expecting that and was prepared to pay for value promised. The team showed up right on time the next morning, spent the whole day sealing, cleaning, disinfecting -- all the things promised -- before leaving traps at the end of the day. They returned two days later to clear the traps and leave fresh ones, and they returned again two days after that. I expect that after their next visit, I should be rodent-free, and that's a great relief. I couldn't be more pleased and definitely recommend this company.

Julie N. Avatar
Julie N.

5 star ratingI had a rodent problem for more than 20 years on and off in my attic and of course on my property because of my many neighbors who like me have nice landscaping with fruit trees .
Rodent Stop cured a problem that I thought could not be cured -- just manageable.
Well they actually did eliminate the rats completely from getting access to my attic , garage , and property.
They also educated me on how to prevent the critters from coming into the property .
My dog attracted those pest just because he's a dog who eats and ......s outside.
My dog is happier to

Jack G. Avatar
Jack G.

5 star ratingI got several quotes and Rodent Stop was very competitive. I was very detailed in what I wanted I also made sure what I wanted was written in the quote. The first quote came back a little different from what I said, they rewrote the quote. Work was done as they said it would be done in several stages. All insulation removed, Attic clean and sanitized (trash removed and taken off property) and traps set, in the Garage all items in the rafters were removed area sanitized and traps set (my responsibility to trash ruined items in garage and put good items back into rafters) under the house was inspected sealed and traps set, all openings were sealed with small wire mesh throughout the entire house inside and out, every 10 days for in my case 4 times, they came out to inspect traps after first inspection no more rats. Last step was new R-38 insulation and almost 1 year later still no rats. THE best part I was able to pay with several post dated checks with reasonable payments. I highly recommend this group in my case they worked with me were very professional at all times and I hope I never have to use there lifetime warranty.

Gilbert B. Avatar
Gilbert B.

5 star ratingGreat results as promised. I would highly recommend using them. Worth every penny. Rats never returned.

Cristie S. Avatar
Cristie S.

5 star ratingThis company is excellent. I would use them again, but i won't have to because I have a lifetime guarantee that I will be Rat free forever. They cleaned and sanitized my attic, and replaced the insulation. They covered every single opening that a rat could possible get through. This whole neighborhood has a problem with rats except me now. I highly recommend them.

Angela S. Avatar
Angela S.

5 star ratingRodent stop; came to my door over 2 years ago. A large Crew had there hands full to eradicate an infestation of mice,
From top to bottom and , in the yard also. Insulation from the attic removed; attic cleaned and deoderized
Twice in 2 weeks!! Every hole and crack, anywhere was patched in places I never knew that existed; After two years, never a mouse or rat has been seen.
Recommendation use Rodent Stop service a professional courtesy crew will do an outstanding job. There will be follow up vists and courtesy calls and emails and post cards the honor Rodent stops Guarantee.

Craigb91352 .. Avatar
Craigb91352 ..

5 star ratingRodent Stop provided excellent professional and thorough service to clean up my rodent mess in the attic. From the first phone contact, site survey, clean out and screen repair, trap checks and new insulation install. emails and text alerts and tracking as the project progressed. I highly recommend them.

Eric H. Avatar
Eric H.

5 star ratingRodents Stop was EXCELLENT!!! Their team appeared exactly on time and their work was outstanding and clean. Most important, the results were what we hoped for. No more concern about rats!

Joan D. Avatar
Joan D.

5 star ratingTerrific work. True professionals, have not had a recurrence since their visit. Highly recommended A+

Mike S. Avatar
Mike S.

5 star ratingwe have used rodents stop for the past 2 years and they have performed magnificently----they are attentive, always show up, and deal with the problem--- their employees who come to your house , to the folks in the front office, are all professional and dedicated to eradicating the problem---and they come back when the little rascals return---i have a very high opinion of this organization because they do the thing no one else does...they do what they say they are going to do!

Joel C. Avatar
Joel C.

5 star ratingI don't quite know where to begin!!!! This company KNOWS exactly what they are doing!!! Gustavo and his crew came out accessed the problem thoroughly and came back and executed all that he said as PROMISED with EXCELLENCE! Israel and his crew then followed up to make sure that no rodents had gained re-entry. These guys were so professional and very kind! I could really tell that they take pride in all that they do!! Heather and Thea back at the office gave me the best customer service and at times I felt like they held my hand through the process, as this was quite a project!!! Lastly, there was Mario and his assistant! He came to put in the new insulation and was extremely knowledgeable and extremely thorough! He checked! Checked! And rechecked!! There was not a rat or dropping in site!!! Overall, I can tell you from beginning to end this experience has been incredible and I can assure any one who calls these guys will not be disappointed!! Thanks so much to you all!!! What an awesome company and service!

Denise P. Avatar
Denise P.

5 star ratingI work for J & N Realty Inc Property Management and Rodents Stop has been a great company to work with. When you manage over 150 Associations, having a great vendor such a Rodents Stop is a great help.

We highly recommend them! Also, always ask for Heather G, she's great.

Michael R. Avatar
Michael R.

5 star ratingLook - just do it. Call these guys up and let them explain what needs to be done to permanently get rid of your unwanted squatters. I live in a beautiful but older home and there were so many ways to enter that our "handyman" only scratched the surface.
Las Ratas were constantly making scary noises in my attic and I wanted to leave bananas out on the kitchen counter without fear.
Enter Rodents Stop. They give a lifetime warranty. They give an honest quote, come on time, and work hard all day to eradicate the enemy. They left our house clean and tidy. It's been just over a year of rat-free existence and I am really grateful. It's some of the best money I've ever spent. Las Ratas are out terrorizing my neighbors now.

Ayako O. Avatar
Ayako O.

5 star ratingI am very satisfied with the work the rodent stop people have done at my home. It is well worth the money to know I have a life time warranty with them. The men that came out did such a great job in attic, in and around my home and garage, sealing up holes, cleaning, and getting rid of junk, and smells left by rodents. I made the right decision by using Rodent stop! I highly recommend them....

Diane P. Avatar
Diane P.

5 star ratingThis company is beyond awesome. I had a major infestation in my attic and under my house. I haven't had a problem since I hired Rodent Stop. If I hear a strange noise they come out and check for dropping and ensure nothing has snuck in. I highly recommend them!!

DAWN L. Avatar

5 star ratingThank G-d I found rodent stop! I live in a very old house in Beverly Hills and have had this issue for years. I have tried a couple of different pest control companies Western exterminator gladly took my money for years and didn't nothing to actually stop the problem. Another company totally ripped me off for 4000.00 dollars did nothing except clean up rodent dropping that company is a total scam it's called A to Z attic watch out they are con artist. Rodent stop actually fixed the problem it wasn't cheap but honestly I have such a phobia I would have paid anything!! I highly recommend this company they are the only company I would trust don't waste your money anywhere else!

Jessica A. Avatar
Jessica A.

5 star ratingThis company is AMAZING.. CAME OUT ON A SUNDAY.. worked all day.. Cleaned out a MASSIVE INFESTATION.. and it's been over 2 weeks without any site of a rodent.. Highly recommended.. Great staff, great customer service, great workmanship...they continue to check traps for5 or 6 weeks to make sure is good... And with the lifetime guarantee... I can be sure that this is one problem solved!!!!!

Marcia C. Avatar
Marcia C.

Curious why so many of your neighbors choose Rodents Stop?